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Working from home

An efficient work setup in the comfort of your home

An organised workspace is just what you need to make working at home easier. To avoid distractions, use a room divider to separate your workspace from the rest of your home. Tuck away your files and papers in a standalone storage cabinet. Putting all your work papers away clears the desk for your children who want to use it for study or exam preparations.

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A small corner office within a living room that shows a BEKANT corner desk with an ELLOVEN monitor stand.
An ELLOVEN monitor stand stands on a desktop. The stand’s drawer is open, showing the storage inside.
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A good desk chair makes all the difference

When you sit better, you work better. Wherever you work – in a separate room, a makeshift work nook in the hallway, or by the dining table – a good office chair that supports your body makes all the difference.

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A hallway with two LILLÅSEN desks, two beige/white LÅNGFJÄLL office chairs, three pendants and different storage solutions.
A woman sitting on a black FLINTAN office chair by a grey sit/stand RODULF desk with a computer, and a drawer unit.
A blue BJÖRKBERGET swivel chair stands between RÖNNINGE birch chairs by a RÖNNINGE birch table, all placed on a TÅRBÄK rug.
A beige FLINTAN office chair standing by a desk with a dark-grey LAGKAPTEN tabletop in a room with framed art on the walls.
A person with a blue shirt and blue jeans sits on an anthracite ODGER swivel chair by a table.
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Find your way to make home work work

Getting back to routines and work-life balance can be a challenge, especially when working from home. Find inspiration and clever tips in these stories.

Stay healthy at work

Make your good intentions happen. Set up your desktop with decorative accessories to create microbreaks for stretching. And stay energised with water and healthy snacks close to hand.

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A desktop with an EFTERTÄNKA hourglass, a glass of water and a LERBODA photo frame showing a sketch of a yoga stretch.
A desktop with a KARAFF clear-glass carafe, a DYRGRIP glass, a MUNSBIT nut bar and a pencilled sketch.
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