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Working from home

There’s a new sibling in the ALEX family!

It’s a beauty. Whatever side you look at, the new ALEX storage unit has elegant, modern lines worthy of any setting. Just look at that sleek handle! Roomy and clutter-hungry, it gets along splendidly with all members of the ALEX series. Simply pick the colour that best matches your home.

A helping hand for every part of your day

Simple recipe for organising your home office: Put up a pegboard, or many, where you need your accessories most. Customise with shelves, hooks, containers and more. Fill with contents that you want to keep handy, make your day a little brighter, or you just like to have around. Done!

See the SKÅDIS series
See the SKÅDIS series

A gallery of ideas for your workspace at home

This isn’t just a desk

This could be the place to launch your dream job. Clean and simple with built-in storage, MICKE desk offers a neat worktop that helps you work on your big plans.

See the MICKE series
See the MICKE series

Customise your desk with our planner tool

Plan your desk in detail and get it just right for its placement in your home, from measurements to style. The planner tool guides you through every step.

See the desk planner tool


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