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Clothes organisers

Stop dumping and start compartmentalizing!

Tangled up in the chaos of your closet? Never fear, IKEA’s range of clothes organizers is here to help you sort things out. Literally. Store everything from electronics, toys, games to clothes and jewellery in our solid cloth boxes. Our beautifully patterned STORSTABBE boxes with lids are moisture-proof and can even be used in the bathroom. Are your kids’ toys and games strewn about everywhere? Just pop them in our sturdy, large size TJENA box and put them away.

Pick from our vast collection and transform your space from messy to orderly.

Clothes storage - You’ll recognise the feeling. You have that perfect outfit in mind, but when it comes to searching through your wardrobe, you discover you’re a lot less organized than you thought. Where is that tie you got for your birthday last year? Where are those jogging pants? Whether you’re short for time getting ready for work, dressing up for a party, or just looking for your PJs – a messy wardrobe is just as frustrating every time. Keeping your accessories and clothes organised is crucial for everyday convenience, stress-free mornings and flawless wardrobe control.

At IKEA, we offer clever clothes storage ideas that will help you keep your wardrobe organized. You’ll find wardrobe storage solutions and baskets for clothes ranging from stylish storage cases, boxes with or without lids, multi-use hangers, baskets, drawer organisers and much more. Getting organised means less time digging for fashion in your wardrobe, and more time optimizing your outfit.

Different clothes storage solutions for different needs

With the right hanger, box or basket – any unused space in your home can be used for clothes storage. Make use of the empty space beneath your bed by adding baskets filled with clean PJs. Upgrade your walk-in closet with clothes storage racks or by using lidded storage boxes to keep your treasured, but rarely used garments. Improve your drawers with dividers to separate your socks from your undies.

Whichever storage needs you have, and whatever space you have to work with, you’ll find a storage solution to help you organise your belongings the way you want.

We have hanging clothes storage, flat boxes, colourful and playful square boxes, boxes with compartments, dividers to create compartments in your existing storage and many other options. Our clothes storage options also come in different materials, colours, and styles so that you can choose not only the function – but also the look of your wardrobe organisation.

Don’t forget your shoes

No wardrobe is complete without the right footwear. And no organising solution is complete without offering a way of organising and keeping your shoes neatly stored. Many of our clothes storage options also work well for storing and organising shoes, for instance many boxes with compartments are a good fit for several pairs of shoes. But we also offer practical hanging solutions to free up some floor space while organising your shoes in an easy and accessible fashion.

The everyday heroes- clothes hangers

Clothes organisation starts with storing clothes that you use most frequently. These are best stored folded or hung and ready to use. Choose clothes hangers that are appropriate for the items that are being hung. The size and weight of the hanger must match the item being hung. Use lighter hangers for light clothes and thicker wooden ones for heavy items. A solid wood hanger that has well-shaped shoulders will keep your coats and jackets in shape. You could also add a shoulder shaper such as the BUMERANG shoulder shaper to an ordinary hanger. Shoulder shapers are also the best option for delicate blouses and knitwear that could be stretched out of shape on an ordinary hanger.

Specialised hangers

Avoid the unsightly hanger fold line on your skirts and trousers by using the BUMERANG trouser/skirt hanger that holds your trousers firmly in place. If you have a little bit of everything in your closet, select a multipurpose hanger that can be used to hang everything from a dress to a coat. A hanger that is slim saves space when compared to a bulkier hanger. If you have a lot of hanging rods in your clothes storage, you can use specially designed hangers such as the STAJLIG or KOMPLEMENT hanger for other items such as belts, ties and other accessories. If you find that your silky clothes tend to slip off your hangers very easily, the flocked surface of the SNYGGING hanger keeps your clothes in place.

Creating more space with what you have

Everyone would love to have a larger closet or more wardrobes for storing clothes. The trick however is to make the most of the space that you have. Choose clothes organisers that help you to sort and arrange your clothes. If your closet or wardrobe has more hanging storage than shelves, use hanging organisers to use the space effectively. Instead of piling your handbags into a shelf use the SKUBB hanging handbag organiser to store the bags in see-through compartments. The BLÄDDRARE hanging storage with 7 compartments creates shelves in clothes hanging closet or on a clothes rack. The STUK hanging shoe organiser has 16 pockets to organise and store shoes.

Organising shelves and drawers used for storing clothes

Many small things in a large shelf or drawer tend to get messy whenever you look for something. Use drawer dividers or soft felt boxes to create sections within the drawer to keep clothes and accessories sorted. If you have too many open shelves, use attractive storage boxes with a lid to conceal and protect your clothing and shoes while keeping shelves tidy.

Putting away seasonal clothes

Easily accessible closets and wardrobe spaces are best used for the more frequently used items. Seasonal clothing, as well as special outfits that you wear infrequently, can be put away till needed. Even if you do not have a storage bed, the STUK storage cases can be filled with clothes that are out of season and kept out of sight under your bed. Bulkier items like winter coats, pillows, and bedding can be easily compressed in vacuum seal bags and stacked away until they are needed.