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Clothes organisers

Storing clothes is easy with a clothes organiser.

Every shopaholic’s struggle? Open the closet, and a pile of clothes comes falling down. But with IKEA’s clothes organisers, you don’t have to worry about storing clothes systematically all by yourself. 

Pick from our vast collection and transform your space from messy to orderly.

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More optionsBAXNA Organiser 26x34x10 cm (10 ¼x13 ½x4 ")

BAXNA Organiser, grey/white, 20x26x10 cmBAXNA Organiser, grey/white, 26x34x18 cm

More optionsSTUK Box with compartments 20x34x10 cm (7 ¾x13 ½x4 ")

STUK Box with compartments, white, 20x51x10 cmSTUK Box with compartments, white, 20x51x18 cmSTUK Box with compartments, white, 34x51x10 cmSTUK Box with compartments, white, 34x51x18 cm
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Buy clothes organiser at the most affordable prices

Doesn’t it feel good to start your day by choosing an outfit from an organised wardrobe? Having your clothes and accessories neatly arranged can help you get dressed quickly. From bathrobe to formals, get ready in minutes with the best clothes organiser.

These organisers keep your clothes in the exact condition as the day you bought them - crisp, neat, and pristine. From shirt and coat hangers, to trouser and skirt hangers, there’s a hanger for every piece of clothing. Our collection also includes clothes covers for precious party wear and gorgeous sarees, and vertical hangers for everyday PJs and hoodies. And talking about fashion, your footwear, jewellery, and lingerie items can be arranged properly with IKEA’s storage boxes. Shop for the best products to keep your wardrobe just as stylish as your outfits. 

Placing your clothes in a systematic manner requires more than just a shelf. You need hangers, hooks, and storage boxes to make enough room for all your clothes. IKEA’s wardrobe organisers come in sets so that you can organise every little item inside the cupboard. 

Affordable, long-lasting, and a one time investment, our clever designs offer extra  storage without burning a hole in your pocket. With a section for every one of your personal belongings, they are the most effective way of minimising chaos inside your wardrobe.

What to consider before buying clothes organisers?

With so many styles to choose from, it can be really confusing to find the right combination of wardrobe organisers. You need to consider your closet design and clothing habits among other things. 

Wardrobe size

It is inarguably the biggest determinant of which organisers you should pick out. Consider the dimensions of your wardrobe, the number of shelves, and the length of the hanger rod. 

Number of clothes

Depending on how many outfits you own, you can decide how many hangers you need. You can also get an idea beforehand of which clothes go on the shelf in a pile, and which ones need to be hung. 

Types of clothing

Your clothes can be categorised on the basis of seasons (summer clothes, winter wear, monsoon essentials), occasion (formals, festive wear, nightwear), or material (wool, cotton, linen, silk, among others). 

Footwear and accessories

To dedicate a part of your closet for footwear and jewellery, you need boxes and trays. Depending on how frequently you use certain pieces, you can keep them accessible.

Closet aesthetic  

What is your closet made of? What is its colour scheme? Is it wider, or longer? Some answers you must know to match it with the best closet organisation tools. 

Types of wardrobe clothes storage

To arrange your wardrobe effortlessly, you need smart wardrobe clothes storage ideas. These are solutions to optimise the space inside your closet. Your dresses, footwear, and personal grooming items can fit in one place with more than just one wardrobe organiser. 


Our hangers come in different shapes to keep clothes wrinkle-free, no matter what their design and material is. 

Hangers for trousers and jeans

The texture of denim, cotton, and linen pants can be preserved with a wardrobe organiser. This type of hanger comes with a straight rod and hooks to keep your bottom wear intact, and improves their shelf life.

Children’s hangers

Safe, colourful, and durable - three things most important for children’s items. Our children’s hangers are small enough to fit inside a mini cupboard, but big enough for kids' wear and clothing. 

Multifunctional hangers

What about towels, coats, scarves, and belts? IKEA’s unique take on multifunctional hangers makes it feasible for storing all these items. Every hanger has clips, or a wavy structure to hang several items. 

Clothes covers

Materials like velvet and wool, white coloured clothes, and clothes that have lighter shades are prone to quick damage. A set of clothes covers from IKEA can keep your outfits in an excellent state by keeping away dust, moisture, and sunlight.

Piling your clothes wastes unnecessary space inside the wardrobe. When you use hangers to separate your clothes, it also generates more space. It is the simplest way of maximising storage. 

Clothes boxes

Storing clothes in a visually pleasing manner is easier when you have boxes. Boxes give your wardrobe a neat look and its smooth edges give a uniform appearance. 

Boxes for storage

You can use IKEA’s boxes to keep away things that you use occasionally. These include festive wear, seasonal apparel, and even worn out clothes. 

Boxes for shoes

When you don’t have a shoe rack to display your footwear, you can make do with a storage box. Our cases are wide enough to fit in all kinds of footwear. Shoes, sandals, or slippers, these remain enclosed, scoring a 10/10 on cleanliness.

Boxes for jewellery

Accessorising is fun when you have wardrobe organiser boxes. IKEA’s baskets and trays are specially designed to keep your jewellery separate. Find your earrings, bangles, bracelets, watches, ties, scrunchies, and perfumes in one place. 

Our storage boxes and hangers are ultimate closet organiser tricks. By having more than one clothes storage unit in the form of hangers and boxes, you don’t have to often plan a cleaning session for your wardrobe. 

Closet organiser that can be hung

When the space inside your wardrobe isn’t sufficient to accommodate your things, it’s time to get creative. Not enough racks and shelves? The vertical wall space can be used for clothes storage units like the ones mentioned below. 

Storage bags

IKEA’s cloth storage bags keep your personal grooming products accessible. It’s the perfect place for your comb, bath essentials, and other light weight items. Made entirely of cotton, this design is a sustainable choice. 

Handbag organiser 

How do you decide which bag to choose without turning your wardrobe into a giant pile of mess? Our hanging handbag organisers are made using recycled polyester and are transparent. You can easily see through the compartment and select your bag of the day.

Hanging accessories board

One of our attractive hanging organisers includes a pegboard with hooks. This clothes organiser is perfect for small apartments. You can personalise this accessories board with photos and give it a quirky vibe.

We love storage compartments in clothes organisers for wardrobe

Apart from hanging accessories, you need closet organisers that offer more storage. With additional space at your disposal, you can stock more things, in a much smarter way. IKEA offers more than one type of storage for your clothes. 

Shelves and racks

A shelf rack for clothes helps you compartmentalise your clothing. Every section can be dedicated to a different style. You can get a quick glance of everything at once and pick out the attire you want without disturbing the rest of the arrangement. 

Unit with separate compartments 

If your cupboard isn’t big enough, you need to create a system to categorise your clothes. IKEA’s large storage compartments can fit inside a closet and create a more organised interior. Some of our best units have more than five sections that create additional storage capacities. 

Detachable drawers

Drawers keep your things hidden. They also keep away the dust. Our hanging storage units with drawers can be kept anywhere - inside the wardrobe, next to the bed, and even in a corner. Its closed structure gives a well-rounded appearance to the room. 

Plastic drawers for clothes

IKEA’s creations include a chest with drawers for your clothes. These designs can easily double down as night stands. You can place it right next to your bed for more convenience. 

Children’s clothes organiser

It’s never easy to keep a kid’s cupboard organised 24/7. There’s always going to be a mess at some point. But with IKEA’s clothes organiser for wardrobe, the kind that is designed specifically for children, this mess can stay at a minimum. 

Clothes stand

Our clothes stand for kids is just the place to hang their school bags, raincoats, and jackets. The height of the stand is suitable for children and has a safe design without hooks and sharp edges. 

Bed pockets

IKEA’s cloth storage bags also include bed pockets that can be hung next to the cot. These tiny sections are for storing delicate and personal items like storybooks, diaries, phone chargers, and earphones. 


What is the importance of organising clothes?

Organising clothes saves you time by compartmentalising your things and keeping them accessible.

How do you arrange clothes by categories?

You can separate your garments on the basis of material, usage, type, and colours. 

How do you organise clothes without drawers?

In the absence of drawers, you can use storage boxes and shelving units to organise your folded clothes. 

What is the benefit of having a neat and well-arranged closet?

An uncluttered closet keeps the bedroom aura calm and visually pleasing.

What are some of the best materials for hangers?

Some of the best materials for hangers are wood, velvet, plastic, and metal.

How can you store the maximum number of clothes in a drawer?

You can use plastic drawers for clothes by folding your clothes in a compact shape, or rolling them up in a military style.

How does organising your clothes save you money?

Organising improves the life of your clothes and lets you wear each and every item of clothing you have. This helps you spend less on new clothes. 

What is the point of a shelf rack for clothes?

A clothing shelf rack separates your clothes into different categories to help you get dressed more conveniently. 

How should you stack wardrobe organiser boxes?

The boxes in your wardrobe can be stacked on top of one another. Just make sure that the heavier boxes are kept first, and the lightweight objects are kept in the topmost boxes. 

What is the best type of shirt organiser? 

You can arrange your shirts on hangers according to their lengths, or stack the ironed ones on shelves.