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Chair pads

At IKEA, we have the most stylish collection for every part of your home, but we also add a secret ingredient to every piece of furniture - comfort. Comfort over everything else. That’s the general mantra in life. And when it comes to your seating arrangement, comfort can never be overlooked. To sit with ease is a luxury unmatched. What’s better than adding a soft layer of fabric to help you relax a little better? Chair pads cover the hard surface and provide the ideal support for your lower back and bottom. Our designs match the edges of the chair, and have excellent durability. The collection ranges from solid colours, to patterns, to chair pads with ties. Easily cleaned in a washing machine, the cloth used in our products is of exceptional quality. Neither too soft, nor too firm, the search for amazing chair pillows ends right here. The different types available at IKEA’s store and website will one hundred percent satisfy your chair requirements. 

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More optionsMALINDA Chair cushion 40/35x38x7 cm (16/14x15x3 ")

MALINDA Chair cushion, beige, 40/35x38x7 cmMALINDA Chair cushion, dark red, 40/35x38x7 cm

More optionsSTAGGSTARR Chair pad 36x36x2.5 cm (14x14x1 ")

STAGGSTARR Chair pad, beige-green, 36x36x2.5 cmSTAGGSTARR Chair pad, light grey, 36x36x2.5 cmSTAGGSTARR Chair pad, red, 36x36x2.5 cmSTAGGSTARR Chair pad, black/white, 36x36x2.5 cm

More optionsÄLVGRÄSMAL Chair pad 32.6/31.3x33x3 cm (13/12x13x1 ")

ÄLVGRÄSMAL Chair pad, beige, 32.6/31.3x33x3 cmÄLVGRÄSMAL Chair pad, red, 32.6/31.3x33x3 cm

More optionsÅKERVINDEFLY Chair cushion 39/35x37x5 cm (15/14x15x2 ")

ÅKERVINDEFLY Chair cushion, grey, 39/35x37x5 cm

More optionsDVÄRGDUNÖRT Chair pad 42/35x42x4 cm (17/14x17x1 5/8 ")

DVÄRGDUNÖRT Chair pad, grey/white, 42/35x42x4 cm
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How is a chair cushion pad helpful for body posture?

It’s very hard to escape a sedentary lifestyle nowadays. Staring at a laptop screen all day, and sitting by your cubicle can give your back and neck muscles a hard time. But, if you have the right kind of seating for your workstation, your work zone will feel ten times more comfortable. And to support you from neck to tailbone, your chair needs more than just armrests and revolving mechanics. 

When your chair has soft padding, it keeps your body posture in check at all times. It is very important to maintain your body at the right angle as you tap away on your keyboard. Most ergonomic chairs from IKEA have an appropriate surface for your lower body. But if you cannot afford such a big purchase, we’ve still got you covered. Our chair cushions stay firmly in place as its underside has an anti-slip material. The material used in our seat pads are sourced sustainably, and some are even made from recycled/recyclable materials. 

Long hours by the desk are good for your career, but bad for your body. We understand the inevitability of this routine and have come up with the best ergonomic chair cushion pad. By investing in this product, you don’t have to worry about stiffness in your muscles. On the contrary, it aligns your spine in a proper way throughout the sitting. 

Is cleaning a chair cushion easy?

Coffee spills on the bed, food stains on the sofa, or just accumulated dust on your furniture. Cleaning is a regular ritual in every household. You just can’t skip it. But when your furniture accessories are easily washable, it can make things much simpler for you. 

A chair cushion from IKEA is made of polyester or foam. Its covering is entirely made of cotton, This composition demands minimum maintenance on your end. While some delicate fabrics require a hand wash, others can be simply tossed in a washing machine every now and then. Most of our models also come with removable covers. So, getting rid of dirt marks and spots is not much of an effort. 

Since most of our cushion covers are made of cotton, all you need is cool water and a gentle cleanser to retain its original quality. However it is advisable to not mix covers of light colours like white and pastels with darker fabrics. This might cause staining on your cushion covers and spoil its charm. It is also never a bad idea to use a vacuum cleaner on upholstered furniture. Another simple way of cleaning your chair cushions is by wiping it with a towel or cloth. These tactics will keep your interiors neat and sparkling at all times.

How do you determine the size of foam seat cushions?

Most furniture accessories come in standard sizes. Be it a stool for your kitchen island, a foldable chair for your balcony, or a chair for your study desk, all these need more or less the same kind of seat cushions or padding. While chair cushions are available in different shapes like oval, rectangle, and square, the dimensions remain the same. 

Determining the size of foam seat cushions takes just a few minutes. All you need is a measuring tape to get it right. First things first, you need to measure the dimensions of your chair. Note down the width and length of the seat. If the surface is round or circular, measure the diameter instead. 

The general sizes of a cushion pad are - small, standard, and large. The only difference between the three types is their length. Beginning with the small pads, these are approximately 15 inches long and are well suited for smaller chairs. The standard and large cushions are 16-18 inches, and 19-21 inches in length, respectively. These designs are made for kitchen chairs or grand chair sets that take up a lot of space. 

Now that you have a seat cushion that perfectly matches the corners of your seat, you can sit comfortably. But what about the right thickness? If the length and width are for the chair, the thickness of the padding is for your body. The ideal density of a seat pad is no more than 4 inches, giving you a surface that is soft enough to balance your body weight. 

Are back cushions for chairs necessary? 

To sit in one place for hours on end is a challenge for your body. But if that's what your work/profession demands of you, there’s no escaping it. To make your chair more posture-friendly, you can add a few features, and feel just as relaxed as on a couch. When you slouch, or strain your neck, your spine and back muscles tighten and that can be harmful in the longer run. A back cushion can take this discomfort and toss it away for good. 

According to research, back cushions for chairs relieve the pressure from your tailbone as your entire back rests on the soft surface. They are also useful in maintaining a healthy curve near your lower back, something that is essential for a healthy spine. At IKEA, we have engineered some of the most comfortable seat cushions for you while you work. Our designs are excellent pain relievers that keep the soreness at bay. 

The right place to keep your back pillow is near your lower back. This straightens your posture and in turn makes sure that the entire weight of your upper body is taken by the cushion. When your back is in check, your body relaxes, and you feel rejuvenated. No headaches and body pain means more energy and focusing on the work at hand. 

What are furniture pads made of?

Upholstered furniture is always a good addition to your house. It looks more pleasing and keeps the  furniture frame intact. But it is not always practical to invest in a furnishing accessory that already comes with padding. Sometimes, you have to look for detachable items for an increased comfort level. Furniture pads, like seat pads, is one such way of making your living space more pleasant. 

If you browse through the seat pads available at IKEA, you will find the different materials used to make the solid designs. Most of these have an inner filling of foam or polyester. These components make for a thickness that is a perfect balance of softness and firmness. The cushion coverings, for most models, are made entirely of cotton. This is suitable for direct skin contact no matter how long you sit on it. 

The texture of any home decor item is an important factor to consider before buying it. In most cases, it determines how long the product will last and the weather conditions that it can endure.

Where can a chair pad be used?

While having dinner, watching TV, working on a laptop, or simply unwinding on the balcony, chair cushions can improve any experience. A chair pad is multi-functional and can be used in any room of the house. What’s more is that with their fashionable appearance, they can enhance any piece of furniture. Be it a cot, dining chair, or a foldable chair, any seating arrangement needs cushions to complete the look. 

A dining chair cushion with ties is the best addition for your dining room. Nobody likes to be uncomfortable when they have their food. The softness of a dining chair cushion helps you focus on your meal and enjoy the company. Most of IKEA’s cushions covers are removable and can be rinsed easily. So, you can relish your food without stressing out about dropping some of it on the seat.

Your balcony, or backyard is always in need of good seating. If you cannot afford a separate  sofa unit just for these spaces, chair cushions are certainly a useful investment for you. Folding  chairs and pillows create the best atmosphere to relax. 

Working from home means coming up with clever ideas to design your own cubicle inside the house. A study desk and a chair are just two components of this zone. Adding a backseat and seat cushion will make those stretched hours by the computer a little tolerable. 

Lastly, seat padding is not just about utility. It also has decor value and can amp up your interiors. By purchasing your cushions in a theme, and arranging them uniformly, the aesthetic of that room can drastically improve. A clever idea for an interior makeover on a budget. 

How to use a chair pad with ties?

As convenient as a chair pad is to carry, sometimes, it can be a little awkward to use it on your everyday chair. As you twist and turn in your chair, the chair pad moves with it. And you have to keep adjusting it to cover the entire seat surface. But this is just one minor setback compared to the numerous benefits of a seat cushion. To firmly hold it in place, a chair cushion comes with strings on the sides. A chair pad with ties offers long-lasting support and keeps the padding intact. 

If you have bar stools for your kitchen island, a set of cushions with ties would be a sensible investment. It is also an invaluable addition to your kitchen if you have toddlers and babies. Just like a bib or an apron, the seat pads handle the mess for you. 

From our wide collection, you will find chair pads that suit all your needs. Floral designs, dark shades, pastels, and bright patterns, we have it all at IKEA. With the right dimensions that fit into standard chair sizes, you can reuse the cushions for any room or furniture. Sit for as long as you want, because our seat pads will bear the weight for you.