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Let your little one’s imaginations take flight with our collection of toys for kids

We’ve Got Baby Toys For The Brightest Little Heroes.

Make More Room For Toys

Let your kids help you tidy up after playtimes over. The TROFAST children storage series is a practical solution to organising toys. The low wooden frames, guide rails and light plastic boxes make tidying up an easy job.

Make Your Little One’s Dining Experience Fun

For every nursing, feeding and eating need, IKEA has a variety of baby feeding products that are made just for little ones. The HEROISK plate is divided into three compartments that make it easy to use for children who are learning to eat by themselves. The MATA training beakers have a spout and a handle on either side so that babies can hold it and drink out of it with ease. We also have bibs like the MATVRÅ that are waterproof and have a pocket in the front to catch any spilled food.

Let’s Complete Your Little One’s Childhood Together.

When you bring your baby home for the first time, you’ll want the moment to be perfect. So build the most beautiful room with our baby furniture. Our beds, tables, and textiles will keep your kids safe through every early stage of growing up. They’ll have fun and active playtimes with our toys, designed for their learning too. Check out our LILLABO series of wooden toys that does just that - extends play time but also develops logical thinking as they build their train set, break it and rebuild it again! And when they’re past the baby stage, they’ll have the happiest time around our children furniture. We’ll make every little bookworm cosy in our chairs, or hard at work on one of our desks.

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From The First Steps At Home To The First Day Of School.

Our baby furniture is there for your child every step of the way. You’ll love hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet on one of our baby rugs, made with the safest materials. All our baby textiles that are soft and easy to clean. And with our educational toys, your kids will have a ball while they develop their cognition skills. You’ll even hear their giggles from the bathtub as they splash around with them in the bath. At night, they’ll sleep peacefully in a sturdy and well-ventilated bed from our baby furniture collection. As they grow older, we’ll make extra space for their crayons and papers with a chest of drawers or a cupboard. They’ll learn to keep away their things on their own as they develop their artistic skills around our children furniture. From high chairs and play tents to some snazzy bunk beds, we have everything for your children’s earliest memories.