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Storage & organisation

A place for everything, and everything in its place


Organising and decluttering your home is a quick and easy way to refresh the look of your home and prepare for Ugadi and other festivities. Use smart storage solutions and cabinets in rooms to neatly sort and store clothes, books and other essentials. Wall shelves and organisers are an excellent way to keep small items off countertops. Exam preparations are easier when you have all your books and notes organised and sorted on a bookshelf. 

Five home storage ideas for easy de-cluttering

When every little thing is in its place and easy to find you can create harmony in any room. Small wall storage with hooks saves space while making everyday items easy to find. Placing things inside organisers and small boxes make drawers, trolleys and shelves instantly neater.

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A white DRÖNJÖNS wall storage with hooks hangs on a wall with keys, documents, and accessories in it.
A white RÅSKOG trolley holding LURPASSA seagrass boxes that in turn are filled with textiles and accessories.
A pulled-out drawer revealing a white KUGGIS eight-compartment insert filled with batteries, chargers and cables.
A corner of a room with an IVAR shelving unit filled with different-size white SORTERA waste bins beneath a bottle rack.
A light-grey KIVIK footstool with its lid half-off, revealing toys sorted in multiple yellow UPPRYMD boxes.
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IKEA 101 home furnishing advise

Organise your spices 

What’s a kitchen without its endless variety of magical ingredients? However, it can get tricky when you can't find the right spices to bring out your favourite flavours. Here are some simple tips that can make it easy and fun with IKEA 101.

    Smart ways to organise your closet

    Get ready to make your everyday routine a little more organised. These tips will help create a functional and equally stylish storage system for your closet. Bye bye clutter, hello happier wardrobe!

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      Make your collections shine with wall shelves

      Got a thing for colourful glassware? Ceramics got your heart beating fast? Clocks, toys, souvenirs or art – whatever your personal passion, display it loud and proud for all to see.

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      Storage furniture for easy coordination

      PLATSA series –Our PLASTA system fits perfectly into unused places such as walls, the space beneath the stairs, or between your wall and wardrobe.
      HEMNES living room series – Classic-style bookcases, sideboards, TV benches and more
      HAVSTA series – Timeless design in solid wood with a handcrafted look
      EKET series – Modular cubes that you can stack and combine in countless ways
      HEMNES hallway series white – Classic-style shoe cabinets, hat racks and benches that welcome you home
      BROR system – The strongest storage we’ve made so far

      Your small stuff, perfectly organised

      When you know you need those small objects and papers, but you don’t need the clutter, try organising them into small storage boxes that fit neatly into storage furniture. A mix of materials and textures lets you create your own endlessly refreshable look.

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      A pine storage unit with a desk under a flight of stairs. Containers on a wall hold tools. A clamp spotlight is on the desk.
      A pine storage unit with a desk under the stairs with storage boxes on the shelves including a PALLRA mini chest of drawers.
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