Storage & organisation

Create your own personalised storage

How can you make sure your storage really suits you and the space you have? By using a storage solution system to create your own perfect wardrobe, shelving unit, TV bench combination or whatever you want.

See all storage solution systems
See all storage solution systems

Small storage and organisers for almost everything!

From shelves for your shower to food containers for your fridge, from hooks for your walls to boxes for inside your drawers… You can store almost anything, almost anywhere with small storage and organisers.

See all small storage & organisers
See all small storage & organisers

Some favourite storage series and systems

Get a coordinated look the easy way.

PLATSA system.
PLATSA system
HAVSTA series.
HAVSTA series
EKET series.
EKET series

Storage That Adapts To Your Space

Give everything a place in your living room with our collection of storage and organisation - from bookcases to console tables, personalise your storage solution to fit your home and needs. If you’re looking to convert your bedroom into a clutter-free zone, be sure to check out our modular bedroom storage from the PLATSA and PAX storage systems. Customise it to fit in tight corners or add extra modules as your storage needs grow. Or check out our highly customisable ALGOT collection of open storage solutions to make a compact laundry room or a walk-in closet work for you - wall-mounted shelves for drying racks or shoe and clothing organisers, customise it to keep everything within arms reach. Also, with the spacious BRUSALI and STÄLL range of shoe racks, all your shoes will be right where they are supposed to be. And don't forget to add storage organisers from the SKUBB and STORSTABBE collections to organise your clothing and accessories.