Storage & organisation

A Zen Clutter-free Home That You Always Imagined 

If you have ever wished for just the right number of shelves for shirts, a basket for your socks and a pullout rail for dupattas, your wishes just came true. Our clever PLATSA modular system lets you put together a combination of bedroom storage that works for you. The interiors can be organised with drawers, baskets and rails from the HJÄLPA collection. Or pick out a traditional chest of drawers from the SONGESAND collection or sleek modern units from the NORDLI collection that could fit in your living room or your bedroom. Don’t forget to check out our collection of bookcases and shelving units to make most of out of your living room space.

For smart and beautiful storage

PLATSA storage system in solid pine was designed so you can combine different pieces to suit your space. Now there’s even more flexibility thanks to its new wardrobe accessories - a clothes rail, cover and wire shelf give smart and beautiful clothes storage. The accessories are easy to assemble with no tools needed and can be added to your already existing IVAR combination.

Life-sized storage systems, from boxes to clothes and kids

BILLY storage system

The classic bookcase gets three new birthday looks, with colour updates in yellow, dark red and beige –make a statement and put your possessions centre stage!

PAX wardrobe system

Our PAX wardrobe system is storage that really suits you because you decide it all – the size, colour and style, sliding or hinged doors, and the interior organisers to organise the inside.

STUVA storage system

The secret behind STUVA storage system is that it’s at the right height for children. So it’s easier for them to get dressed and undressed, or take out their toys.

Storage that ticks all boxes!

Let storage organisers be practical, beautiful and more sustainable. Our new RABBLA boxes tick all three! They’re flexible and stackable so ideal inside a wardrobe or for use as open storage. They can even be used in the bathroom as they withstand moisture.

Made of bamboo and recycled polyester, the boxes make for a more sustainable choice. By using less new raw material, the environmental footprint is lowered, while bamboo is a fast-growing, strong material that needs no pesticides when grown.

Find great ideas to (store and) find all your stuff

Storage That Adapts To Your Space 

Give everything a place in your living room with our collection of storage and organisation - from bookcases to console tables, personalise your storage solution to fit your home and needs. If you’re looking to convert your bedroom into a clutter-free zone, be sure to check out our modular bedroom storage from the PLATSA and PAX storage systems. Customise it to fit in tight corners or add extra modules as your storage needs grow. Or check out our highly customisable ALGOT collection of open storage solutions to make a compact laundry room or a walk-in closet work for you - wall-mounted shelves for drying racks or shoe and clothing organisers, customise it to keep everything within arms reach. Also, with the spacious BRUSALI and STÄLL range of shoe racks, all your shoes will be right where they are supposed to be. And don't forget to add storage organisers from the SKUBB and STORSTABBE collections to organise your clothing and accessories.