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Storage & organisation

A place for everything, and everything in its place


Organising and decluttering your home is a quick and easy way to refresh the look of your home and prepare for Ugadi and other festivities. Use smart storage solutions and cabinets in rooms to neatly sort and store clothes, books and other essentials. Wall shelves and organisers are an excellent way to keep small items off countertops. Exam preparations are easier when you have all your books and notes organised and sorted on a bookshelf. 

New high-quality storage for design lovers

These new bookcases, sideboards, TV benches and glass door cabinets feature a striking, classic design with warm wood and metal accents. This living room storage furniture lets you store and display your favourite things in a stylish way.

A LANESUND glass-door cabinet filled with stylish decorative items stands next to a LANESUND bookcase filled with books.
A LANESUND sideboard with one door open and the drawer slightly ajar has a bowl with two pieces of fruit on top.
A LANESUND sideboard stands in a minimalist yet warm dining room, with glassware stored on its shelves.
A LANESUND TV bench stands in a living room with a TV unit on top in between a pile of books and a vase with long branch.
A LANESUND bookcase, standing next to a LANESUND glass-door cabinet, is filled with books, boxes and decorative items.

MÄVINN collection

Each product in the MÄVINN collection is handmade and unique. Combining modern design with traditional craftsmanship, this collection gives you an exciting range that’s almost like visiting a local craft market.

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Three traditional series for three different budgets

HAUGA series

Versatility and a low price come together in this traditional-style series, featuring high cabinets, sideboards, TV benches and even furniture for your bedroom for an easily coordinated look throughout your home.

HEMNES series

Made of 100% solid wood material, HEMNES living room furniture and storage keep your home organised while bringing a timeless look to your space with rustic knobs, panelled doors and stately details.

HAVSTA series

Made from solid pine with a brushed matte finish, the HAVSTA series is inspired by traditional Scandinavian furniture, evoking a sense of timelessness. Find cabinets with plinths and more here.

Modern storage series for a coordinated home

Looking for modern storage solutions? Have a look at our contemporary storage series. Choose bookcases, cabinets and shelving units from the same series for an easily coordinated look.

BILLY series – The world’s most beloved bookcases that store more than just books, and never go out of style
VIHALS series – Low-price, easy-to-combine storage units with a simple, modern and seamless design
BESTÅ storage system – Customise your ideal storage and display solution with modular units and fronts
VITTSJÖ series – Serene and minimal shelving units made of tempered glass and metal to display your treasures
KALLAX series – All-around storage that organises everything in neat squares and is easy to personalise
EKET storage system – Modern and sleek modular cubes that you can stack and combine in countless ways
A white HAUGA glass-door cabinet, one sliding door slightly open, with baskets and accessories in and around it.

Our lowest prices in storage and oragnisation

Our lowest price products have power to transform your closet, squeeze maximum function into minimal space, make life easier and find some of our useful products for your home.

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