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Efficient workflow combined with good looks

Form and function are the two essentials of good kitchen design. Create a kitchen that gives you the best combination of both. Your kitchen should reflect your design tastes as well as your cooking style. If your family and friends like to gather in the kitchen, design it to accommodate them.

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A kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient

Kitchen design is more than picking a few colours and cabinets. The kitchen is called the heart of the home because it has multiple functions. Your kitchen design should be designed for efficiency. It should also look attractive and welcoming. A great kitchen pleases the eye and is a pleasure to use. Before you choose a kitchen, think about your way of working in a kitchen and your personal tastes in decor.

Efficient work triangle

The work triangle is a common concept that defines a triangular path between the refrigerator, kitchen sink and cooktop. Ideally the sides of the triangle should be as short and equidistant as possible. If one of these points is too far away, you will spend too much time and steps walking to and fro in the kitchen. The layout should also leave enough room for you to move through the kitchen easily.

Ample storage

The storage needs in a kitchen are unique to each person. If you do not have a separate pantry, you will also have to create storage for pantry items. You should be able to store ingredients, cookware and all your appliances easily in the kitchen. Open storage makes work easy for some. Others prefer closed pantry storage. You can choose from different configurations of cabinet shelves, organisers and other storage accessories to make the most of your storage space.

Appliances for kitchen

The appliances that you use in the kitchen are the largest items that the cabinets will need to accommodate. If you choose appliances based on the sizes that your kitchen can accommodate, it will be easier to design the kitchen around them. Always locate your cooktop first, so that it will be easy to install a hood over it. Ensure there aren’t any doors or windows to open areas near your cooktop location to prevent small winds from affecting your cooking flame.

Kitchen usage

Consider how you will use the kitchen. If your friends and family like to join you in the kitchen when you cook, seating in the kitchen is essential. If you prefer to sit down while cooking, make space in your kitchen for a single seat at the least. If you like to serve informal meals in the kitchen, a breakfast counter or island is essential.

Sink size and layout

Some people prefer a big single sink while others prefer a double sink. If you like a small sink just for washing vegetables, try to accommodate it in the kitchen design.

Style and colour

The style and colour of your kitchen cabinets and countertops make a big impression as soon as you walk into the room. Pick from our collection of different styles to create your dream kitchen. You can choose cabinets that have a traditional finish or pick one with a minimalistic design. Whether you have a huge kitchen or a tiny space, we have great designs that will work for you.

Cabinet hardware

The handles and pulls that you use on your kitchen cabinets can enhance the overall look of the kitchen. We offer you a range of kitchen hardware to suit different styles.

Kitchen countertop

Your kitchen countertop is the surface that will see a lot of wear and tear. Choose a countertop that is both durable and attractive.

Kitchen lighting

A kitchen needs ambient lighting for the room and also focussed lighting for work areas. Design your kitchen lighting to suit both purposes.