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Bar furniture

Take A Break From Bar-Hopping, Bring The Bar To You!

Love entertaining your drinking buddies at home? Or just a liquor connoisseur who wants the perfect aesthetics for your passion. IKEA’s collection of bar tables & chairs is here to help you turn your kitchen island (or dining room) into a semi-bar cafe. Our charming NORRÅKER and NORRARYD bar table & stools can be used both as in-house and patio furniture. Thinking of starting your own bar cafe? Decorate your interiors by pairing our elegant HENRIKSDAL bar stools with our sleek STENSELE bar tables and let the ambience wow your customers!

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More optionsFRANKLIN Bar stool with backrest, foldable 74 cm (29 1/8 ")

FRANKLIN Bar stool with backrest, foldable, black/black, 74 cmFRANKLIN Bar stool with backrest, foldable, black/black, 63 cmFRANKLIN Bar stool with backrest, foldable, white/white, 63 cm

More optionsTOMMARYD Table 130x70x105 cm (51 1/8x27 1/2x41 3/8 ")

TOMMARYD Table, white stained oak veneer/white, 130x70x105 cmTOMMARYD Table, white stained oak veneer/anthracite, 130x70x105 cmTOMMARYD Table, light grey, 130x70x105 cm

More optionsSTIG Bar stool with backrest 74 cm (29 1/8 ")

STIG Bar stool with backrest, black/black, 63 cm

More optionsHÅVERUD / STIG Table and 2 stools 105 cm (41 3/8 ")

HÅVERUD / DALFRED Table and 2 stools, black/black, 105 cm

More optionsKULLABERG Stool

KULLABERG Stool, pine/black

More optionsBERGMUND Bar stool with backrest 75 cm (29 1/2 ")

BERGMUND Bar stool with backrest, white/Rommele dark blue/white, 75 cmBERGMUND Bar stool with backrest, black/Rommele dark blue/white, 75 cmBERGMUND Bar stool with backrest, black/Gunnared medium grey, 75 cm

More optionsHÅVERUD / STIG Table and 4 stools 105 cm (41 3/8 ")

HÅVERUD / DALFRED Table and 4 stools, black/black, 105 cm

More optionsNORDVIKEN / BERGMUND Bar table and 4 bar stools

NORDVIKEN / NORDVIKEN Bar table and 4 bar stools, white/white
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Selecting the right bar stool

Bar stools help transform a counter into a bar or a breakfast area. If you have a counter at one side of your kitchen, a couple of seats invite friends and family to sit and make conversation while you cook. 

  • Select a stool whose style matches the rest of your decor
  • If space is a constraint, buy a backless model such as the DALFRED bar stool that goes entirely under a counter when not in use
  • Buy a height-adjustable stool for maximum flexibility of use
  • A footrest keeps you more comfortably perched on bar stools
  • If using bar stools for public use, buy a model such as the YNGVAR bar stool that is specifically designed to withstand the rigours of public use.
  • If your counter is low, buy a lower stool rather than a bar stool

The right height for a bar stool

The height of the stool that you use depends on where you are using it. A distance of around 13-inches between the seat of the stool and the underside of the counter is ideal. Bar counters are usually 40 to 42-inches high so a bar stool should ideally be around 30-inches high. If the stool is being used at a counter, it should be around 24 to 26-inches high. It is best to measure the height of your counter before choosing a bar stool or to buy a bar stool that is height adjustable. 

How many stools at a bar counter

When you use multiple bar stools, you should factor in ample space in between the stools. Measure the length of the bar counter to determine how many stools can be placed there. 

Adding multiple stools

If you’re adding multiple stools to your counter, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of space between each one for people to sit and move around easily. Because the length of your tabletop, counter, or bar may vary, calculate how many stools you'll need based on the recommended amount of space between each one. You would need to leave at least six to ten inches between each stool. 

Foldable bar stools

If you use your bar counter as a breakfast or snack counter, choose stools that can be easily pushed under the counter when not in use. If your use of your bar counter is infrequent folding stools such as the FRANKLIN bar stool would be ideal. Folding bar stools also come in handy when you have extra guests to accommodate. They can be easily put away when the party is over. 

Bar tables 

If you do not have the luxury of an inbuilt bar counter in your home, you can create one with a bar table. Bar tables can also be used to visually separate an open plan kitchen dining area. A bar stool with storage is handy to keep small items such as napkins, scoops and openers handy. Hooks on the side of the NORDVIKEN bar table are handy for hanging bags or other items. 

Now you can pair our bar stools & table with one of our attractive display cabinets where you can show off your liquor collection!