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Air quality products

Walk into your home and breathe in the fresh air

In an increasingly polluted world, our homes are a sanctuary where we can get away from it all. Ensuring that you have fresh and clean air at home is a big step towards good health. Our air quality products keep the atmosphere within your home clean and pure. 

Good looking air purifiers for clean and fresh air in your home

Clean air is a necessity for good health. We can do our part by modifying our lifestyles to lower our impact on the environment. But to get clean air within your home despite the pollution levels in your city, an air purifier is essential. Our air purifiers give you complete peace of mind by working in the background to filter the air within the room constantly. They also look good and blend in with your decor. 

Banish allergy triggers

Say goodbye to seasonal allergies by eliminating the triggers from your home. Most people who suffer from allergies are careful to keep their homes dust-free. But other triggers such as particles and pollen in the air should also be removed to prevent allergies. Our air purifiers have filters that eliminate around 99.5 percent of PM2.5 particles (0.1-2.5 micrometres), pollen and dust. This keeps the air in your home free of allergy triggers. 

Remove harmful gases

Air pollution by industrial, automotive and other emission sources add harmful toxic gases to the air in towns and cities. Cleaning products that we use in our homes daily also emit harmful gases. Materials and fabrics also produce harmful gases over time. These gases have toxic effects on our health. While we cannot eliminate our exposure to these gases when we venture out, we can purify the air in our homes and offices. An air purifier in the bedroom ensures that you spend at least one-third of your day inhaling purified air. You can rest assured that you and your loved ones are protected from gases such as formaldehyde.

Odour elimination

Why wait for your weekend trip to inhale fresh and sweet-smelling air. Install one of our air purifiers at home to remove all unpleasant smells and odours from the air. An air purifier in the living room ensures that your guests will not get a hint of what is on the menu by smelling your cooking. It also keeps the air odour free despite any odour causing sources outside your home. 

Noiseless operation

Keeping the air in your bedroom clean is essential. Our air purifier designs offer a sleep mode where they become quiet so that you can sleep without disturbance. 

Practical design

Our air purifiers are easy to place around your home. They are lightweight and very easy to carry around. Their clean and simple design allows them to blend into your home decor. They can be placed in a tiny room or a larger space. Did you know? Air purifiers purify the air up to  8-10 square metres around the unit, depending on the fan speed setting. Practical cable management behind the unit makes it easier to manage the cable. A floor stand makes it easy to place the unit wherever it is required. You can also remove the handle and mount the purifier on the wall. 

But wait- where do all the pollutants from the air get filtered? The pollutants in the air are captured by a sturdy air filter within the unit. An LED light smartly indicates when you need to clean the air filter. This air filter should be replaced every six months.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Our units give you a CADR of 120/25 m3/h with particle and gas filters installed at the highest/lowest fan speeds. The maximum wattage of the unit is 14 W with both particle filter and gas filter installed.