Shelf units

Stop Wasting Your Mornings Looking For A Clean Towel

Get our shelf units to store your towels, shampoo bottles, and soaps, so you don’t have to search for them during the morning rush. Pick one that matches your bathroom decor and washbasin and fix it on your walls. You can adapt our DYNAN range according to your needs or get the hard-wearing MULIG stand - they are perfect for your bathrooms and look great in the hallways or laundry rooms too! Don’t want to lose space in your bathroom? You can always get high cabinets like our bamboo RÅGRUND or the RÖNNSKÄR corner unit.

Soaps To Bathrobes - Keep Everything Organised

Keep your bathroom neat and organised with our collection of shelf units. They blend with your decor and keep your toiletries, towels, and bathrobes within your reach but nicely tucked away. If you need more storage space in your bathrooms, you can get our white DYNAN unit. It has everything you need - wall shelves for your frequent use items like soap, open shelves for hand towels, and cabinets with doors for things you want hidden. You can even add more units and adapt the existing ones to your preference. Or get the stain-resistant MULIG. We’ve designed it to last longer, even in damp areas, and made it super-easy to clean. Need more space to dance around in the shower? Get our bamboo RÅGRUND or the stylish RÖNNSKÄR high shelf units. While the RÅGRUND lends a rustic aesthetic to your washrooms, the RÖNNSKÄR fits into tight corners, giving you room to move about.

You can always add a few interior organisers to these units to keep everything in order.