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Kitchen sinks

Style And Practicality That Makes Doing The Dishes Less Of A Chore

From cleaning your plates and glasses to rinsing your vegetables, kitchen sinks get a lot done, which is why ours are designed to be practical and last long. And they look good too! You can either pick a single or two-bowl sink depending on your needs - our stainless steel BREDSJÖN series has both styles. Get the two-bowl sink and use one bowl to soak your dishes and the other to wash your groceries. We’ve even given it a visible front to add character to your kitchen and a deep edge to keep your soaps and sponges. Or choose the HÄLLVIKEN kitchen sinks if you need one with drainboards. Place it left or right, whatever suits your space best. The slight slope on the drainboard makes water flow back easily. Less space on the counter? Get our BOHOLMENL round insert sink. And if you want a traditional ceramic look, there’s our HAVSEN with a visible front. It doesn’t stretch to the back of the counter, so there’s plenty of room to fix any sink accessories you want.

To save water while doing the dishes, get one of our mixer taps to go with your sinks.