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Children's kitchenware & tableware

For Growing Toddlers And Mini-Chefs

Whether it’s helping your toddler to eat on their own or teaching your child how to cook, our range of children’s kitchenware & tableware is your parenting buddy. The colourful, kid-friendly HEROISK and SMASKA plates, bowls, and cutlery make your kid feel like one of the adults, encouraging them to be on their best behaviour during meals. And if you're kid hopes to be the next prodigy chef, the TOPPKLOCKA apron and the SMÅBIT knife and peeler lets them practice their craft, and are built with child safety in mind of course!

Made For Mommy And Daddy’s Little Sidekick!

We know spending quality time with the kids gets difficult on a busy day, that’s why we’ve designed our children’s kitchenware & tableware to encourage your little ones to eat and cook by your side. Our colourful HEROISK plates, made with recycled, BPA-free plastic eases them into eating on their own. The high sides and grip-friendly material keeps them from making a mass when getting too enthusiastic with their meals. Another way to light up your kiddo’s face is to get the SMASKA children’s kitchenware & tableware, using the bright cutlery would make them feel like a grown-up alongside mom and dad. And if you want them to help out in the kitchen, make sure they are armed with the TOPPKLOCKA white children’s apron and the kid-friendly SMÅBIT knife and peeler set. Our apron comes with a touch-and-close fastening that keeps your kid from getting stuck, and the adjustable cap fits them even as they grow older. You don’t have to worry about them getting hurt - the  SMÅBIT provides a solid grip and comes with a rounded tip and knife protector for safety. 

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