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Bathroom inspiration for every style and budget

Not sure what bathroom furniture best complements your space and style? Browse our inspirational gallery to find the look that’s right for you.

See all bathroom inspiration
See all bathroom inspiration

The beauty of things unseen

At IKEA we have a full range of storage solutions from bathroom cabinets, shelving units to boxes and baskets, so you can start the day with a harmonious morning routine.

See all bathroom storage
See all bathroom storage

Some of our favourite bathroom series

HEMNES bathroom series.
HEMNES bathroom series

Make your bathroom a happy and efficient place

Bathrooms are small but pack a lot of style and creativity when done right. They are smaller than most rooms in the house but get a lot of use. A well-designed bathroom helps you zoom through your morning routine easily.

Washbasin cabinets

Bathroom cabinets that hold all your essentials keep the room clutter-free. The space under the washbasin is an excellent storage opportunity. The spacious LILLÅNGEN wash basin base cabinet easily contains all your bathroom supplies. It has adjustable feet that help keep it steady on a sloped bathroom floor. Create open shelving under the washbasin with the RÅGRUND / TYNGEN corner stand.

Bathroom tall cabinets

Floor space in a bathroom is at a premium. Use the vertical space in the bathroom with the compact and versatile LILLÅNGEN high cabinet. Fit it with a mirror on the door for added functionality. The wall-mounted GODMORGON high cabinet is durable and adjustable. You can fit the doors of most of our bathroom cabinets to open to the side that best suits your bathroom layout.

Bathroom wall cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets are ideal for bathrooms that do not have much floor space. The GODMORGON wall cabinet has adjustable deep shelves that can hold towels and toiletries with ease. It has an option with shallow shelves for a smaller bathroom. The LILLÅNGEN cabinet is also a good option with shallow shelves.

Mirror cabinets

Mirror cabinets add useful storage behind the bathroom mirror. The HEMNES mirror cabinet has two mirrored doors that open to reveal ample storage for toiletries, makeup and shaving essentials. The GODMORGON mirror cabinet has mirrors on the inside as well as the outside so that you can use the mirror even when you are looking for something within the cabinet.

Bathroom shelves

Bathroom shelves store your essentials within arms reach. The KALKGRUND shower shelf has a beautifully rounded glass shelf that makes your toiletries appear to float. The stylish steel rail keeps a wet shampoo bottle from slipping off. A TISKEN basket is an excellent solution for the shower essentials. Attach it to your bathroom wall with a suction cup at just the right arms reach from your shower area. The SKÅDIS pegboard with its choice of accessories lets you create a customised bathroom wall storage combination.

Towel rails and hangers

You always need a towel handy in the bathroom. The RÅGRUND towel rack chair holds your towels and bathrobe while also giving you a comfortable seat for a quick pedicure. The BALUNGEN towel holder is a beautiful design that is as decorative as it is practical. Add candy pops of colour to your bathroom walls with the LOSJÖN hangers. They can be screwed onto the wall or fixed with their self-adhesive backing. The ENUDDEN hanger sits over the bathroom door to create a row of clothes hooks. The BROGRUND towel holder is an innovative design with three swivel arms that can extend to hold large towels.

Vanity mirrors

The right vanity mirror is invaluable in the bathroom. The magnifying side of a vanity mirror gives you a close up look to make your grooming tasks more comfortable. The folding arm of the BROGRUND mirror gives you a good view of the front as well as the back of your hairdo. You can easily move it out of the way when not in use. The BALUNGEN mirror’s glass plate with a rim safely holds your jewellery and small makeup items.

Soap dispensers and soap dishes

Colourful and stylish accessories complete the look of your bathroom. Choose soap dishes and dispensers to match the colours and style of your decor. Add a dash of turquoise with the SVARTSJÖN set. The DRAGAN bathroom accessories bring the warmth and charm of bamboo to the room.

Shower curtains

Shower curtains are an opportunity to add patterns and colours to a bathroom quickly. They are also easy to change and update. The floral KRATTEN shower curtain is colourful and elegant. The cheerful HULN shower curtain makes bath time more fun for children.

Children’s essentials

Children’s bathroom accessories are an opportunity to make bath and potty time more appealing. The LOCKIG children's potty is colourful and comfortable, making toilet training easier. The LÄTTSAM baby bath has protectors that keep it from sliding around. The anti-skid patterns inside the tub help your child sit upright. A PATRULL bathtub mat makes the floor of your bathtub less slippery. Its crocodile shape is sure to elicit giggles from your little one.

Bath textiles

VÅGSJÖN bath towels are a pleasure to wrap yourself in. These squishy towels are highly absorbent and come in a range of colours to match your mood. The TOFTBO bath mat is soft and dries quickly.

Bathroom lighting

Proper lighting enhances the functionality of the bathroom. The GODMORGON LED cabinet light fits perfectly above the washbasin mirror for glare-free light. The top of the light fitting also serves as a shelf above the cabinet.