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Desk & chair sets

Centre of productivity in the comfort of your home

A well-appointed home office provides the essentials to support your work needs and blends in with the rest of your home decor. You can fit in a home office in a spare bedroom, in your living-dining area, kitchen or any small alcove in your home. Ample storage keeps your office organised and tidy.

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An elegant yet practical invitation to get back to work

The ideal home office looks great and comfortably supports your work needs. A small office that you use for a couple of hours a week may need a tiny desk and chair. But if you spend more time working at home, you may need to invest in a larger desk with a storage unit. Use a standalone storage shelf to hold your office supplies. You can also display decorative items and screen your work area from the living areas with a shelving unit.

Having enough space

A desk, chair and storage are the three essentials you can build your office setup around. These three pieces of furniture must be cohesive and look nice together. It is very easy to underestimate the space that you need for your home office. Keep in mind that you should be able to move your chair back and forth and side to side easily without feeling cramped. Home office furniture that is squeezed too close together may make you feel uncomfortable in the long run. 

Choosing desk size

Think about the materials and office supplies that you need at work. If all you need is a laptop, you can manage with a tiny desk. But, if you use a file tray, stationery and a notepad, you will require a larger desk. A desk with built-in storage helps you keep essentials closer at hand. You may not need a height-adjustable desk if you have a height-adjustable chair. Cable management is essential to pass cables through the desktop instead of between the desk and the wall. 

Requirements of a good office chair

A comfortable office chair will help prevent neck and back pain. An office chair should be height adjustable so that you can sit in the most comfortable position with relation to the desk. A swivel mechanism and castors make it easier to get in and out of the chair. Pick a chair in a shape and colour that matches the desk as well as your room decor. A chair with a lower back blends more readily into a home than a tall office chair. 

Office storage

Think about how you work before you arrange your office furniture. If you work with a lot of files and other material, storage is necessary. If you reach for your files often, your storage shelf should be within arms reach. You can also use the storage unit as a partial room divider to give you a screen from distractions when you work. Ensure that you place storage to allow enough room for you to move in and out.

The best location for a home office

Locate your home office in such a way that it easily integrates with your workflow throughout the day. Set up your work office in the kitchen if you like to have dinner simmering on the stove while you catch up with emails. If you need to keep an eye on the activities in the home as you work, the home office should be in the centre of your home. A separate room is best if you prefer to work with no distractions and away from household sounds. If you use electronics, locate your desk next to a power outlet. Light sources and windows should brighten your work area without causing glare on or behind your display.