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Smart Home

Life at home, a little bit smarter

Switch on, switch off, tune in, breathe out. Life is good when things flow effortlessly, and you feel more in control of and can enjoy those everyday moments. Explore the wonders of our smart home devices and apps.

A white, round DIRIGERA hub for smart products is placed on an old wooden table next to a game of chess.
A hand holding up the IKEA Home smart app in front of a living room showing a screen with different options.

Better sleep at your fingertips

A speaker playing soft music, cosy lighting, electric blinds that block out light from the street, an air purifier for cleaner air… With IKEA smart home products, you can set the mood in your bedroom to sleep-friendly at the touch of a button.

A KLEPPSTAD bed stands in front of a window with a TREDANSEN block-out cellular blind and ANNAKAJSA room darkening curtains.
A person lies in bed and reaches out a hand to press a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer sitting on a pile of books.
A VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor stands on top of some books on top of a wooden box beside a glass and a mug in a corner.
A lit SYMFONISK speaker lamp with Wi-Fi stands beside a window with two FYRTUR block-out roller blinds in a dark room.
Two books and a vase with flowers stand on top of a stained oak veneer/white STARKVIND table with air purifier.

Speakers that sound great and blend in nicely

These Wi-Fi speakers and picture frames in one give you great sound and blend seamlessly into your home. They’re part of the SYMFONISK series of Wi-Fi speakers – a collaboration with Sonos. And if the designs here don’t suit your décor, you can get other panels for the frames, too.

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A SYMFONISK WiFi speaker and bamboo floor lamp in one is standing in a living room next to a green sofa.
A black SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker is attached to the wall in a corner of a living room.
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