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Large and small pots for large and small wallets

To make cooking easy and fun you need the right cookware. Our complete range of pots comes in different materials, sizes and prize ranges.

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See all pots

Can a frying pan last a lifetime?

We are so confident in the quality of our frying pans that we offer a free 25 year-guarantee on selected products. So, not quite a lifetime but long enough for you to master mum’s favourite recipes.

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See all frying pans

What’s Cookin’ Chef?

Your delicious meals deserve the best cookware. Serve your special Sunday dinner in our SENIOR casserole or use it on the stove or in the oven to cook your Sunday special. Its extra-thick base and walls make sure your food stays hot for a longer time. Or check out our IKEA 365+ 3-piece cookware set of a frying pan, pot, and a saucepan to add to your cookware collection. We gave the pot and saucepan a graduated interior so you can measure your ingredients directly in the vessel as you cook. Thinking lasagna for dinner? Our BUREN oven/serving dish is the perfect choice. Stick it in the over while you relax and serve it in the same dish when it’s done!

Cookware Designed To Make You Feel Like A Professional

Chicken roast or biryani, whatever feast you’re planning - our collection of cookware has pots, saucepans, woks, and frying pans in different sizes for all your favourite recipes! Check out our cookware collection from the SENSUELL series - made of stainless steel, it works on both induction and stove. We added an aluminium layer to it for even heat distribution so your food cooks to perfection! For your Chinese recipes, we have the OUMBÄRLIG wok - its hardwearing non-stick coating will make it last a long time. But if you want a wok with lid, check out our IDENTISK wok. It’s lightweight and comes it two handles for easy handling. And for your next barbeque party, we have the stainless steel KONCIS roasting tin with grill rack. And for our dosa-lovers, check out the FRUKTKAKA pan - It’s low edges and sloping sides make it easy to flip your dosa, pancakes or crepes!

And to serve your delicious meals in style, don’t forget to check out our collection of dinnerware.