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Curtain rods & rails

We make hanging curtains a breeze!

Beautiful curtains deserve to be hung just as beautifully. Use our curtain rod, rail or wire systems to hang your curtains exactly the way your creativity dictates. If curtain rods for layered curtains is what you desire then check out our collection of RÄCKA and HUGAD curtain rods that are available in a double or a triple combination. Our charming VIDGA rail system comes in a single or two-track set and these rails allow you to run curtains around a corner and even divide a room from ceiling to floor with curtains.

Make a statement with your curtains and how you hang them

You can smoothly draw your curtains across windows, across the room and even around corners with our curtain rods and rails. Our RÄCKA and HUGAD curtain rods are available in singles as well as in double and triple combination sets. We have a fine range of finials for you to choose from to customise the look of your curtain rods and match your room decor. Choose the DIGNITET stainless steel wire set or the FÖRSYNT polyester wire set if you have calm and light interiors. Your curtains can zip seamlessly around and over corners of your room with our VIDGA curtain rails collection. It is a curtain rail system that allows you to install wall or ceiling mounted rails without any visible screws. Our VIDGA accessories make installing and using the VIDGA curtain rails exceptionally easy. The VIDGA cutting box is used to easily cut the curtain rails to the required size and the draw rod makes it easier to draw the curtains or panels. At Ikea, we prioritise your ease and convenience with our extensive range of curtain rails and rods.