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Bed slats

Slatted bed bases are your mattresses’ best friend and your back’s as well

A slatted bed base is ideal to be used under a spring, memory foam or latex mattress. The slats that bend and move with the weight of the sleeper extend the life of the mattress. They also provide added comfort for the sleeper. The LÖNSET slatted bed bases have 28 layer slats for excellent support and flexibility. The slatted bed bases are very supple and have different comfort zones to give the best ergonomic support to the sleeper.

Slatted bed bases that extend the life of your mattress

Slatted bed bases offer better support for the function of a mattress than a flat plain mattress base does. The slats are made from laminated layers of wood that are glued together to form a slightly bowed shape. This shape creates a spring-like slat that becomes moderately flexible without being too springy. The flexibility of the slats adds to the comfort of the bed and reduces the stress on the mattress. The LURÖY slatted bed base has slats that are formed with 17 layers. The LÖNSET slatted bed bases have 28 layered slats. The LEIRSUND slatted bed base has a total of 42 slats. It has separate comfort zones that adjust to the sleepers body differently. 6 of the slats are adjustable so that you can fine tune the firmness level of different zones of the base to perfectly suit your unique needs.