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Study tables & computer desks

Work your desk job in style!

Show your spine and neck some love and opt for one of IKEA’s work desks to enhance your office space. Whether you’re working from home, or need a space for your laptop, or you’re looking for a desk for your child - IKEA’s selection of work desks will prove up to the task. The modern ones will love the IDASEN work desk with a streamlined look and height-adjustable legs. Whereas if you’re into aesthetics and love everything vintage, the HEMNES solid wood work desk with a stained wood finish is the perfect one for you.

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Gaming desks for work and play

Whether you need a desk for the office, or one for your work-from-home/gaming area, a gaming desk is a fantastic choice. With nifty features such as large surfaces, adjustable heights and cable management, these desks are made for optimal performance.

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Four black UPPSPEL gaming desks and four MATCHSPEL gaming chairs in a game development office with high ceilings.
    An UTESPELARE gaming desk and a white MATCHSPEL gaming chair in a home workspace with two computer monitors.
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      Turning desks into tailored workspaces

      The right prerequisites for productive work aren’t something we take lightly. Which is why we make it easy to adjust an ergonomic working height, form timely desk constellations, or simply find a handy desk side hook for your bag.

      See the TROTTEN system
      A person standing by a white TROTTEN desk holding its height-adjusting crank handle. Next to it is an identical, lower desk.
        A conference space with brown wood-panel walls with a table formed by two side-by-side, white TROTTEN desks.
          See the TROTTEN system

          Buy desks and computer desks at affordable rates

          Choose from our range of work tables and study desks for your home office or your kid’s study corner. We offer a selection of work desks and computer desks that’ll not only add more charm to your space but also keep away back and neck issues that may result from long hours of sitting! 

          Want to be more productive while working from home? Set up your workstation with IKEA’s work desks and desktop tables. If sitting straight for hours is just not your thing, choose from our collection of super functional sit-stand desks. Or perhaps you just need something to keep your laptop on while you work? In that case, a sleek and stylish IKEA laptop stand or a bed tray might be a better pick. And if you are a gamer, our super spacious gaming desks can be a game-changer for you! No matter what your work style is, we’ve something for everyone! 

          Bring home the best work desk for your space

          With so many styles and designs available, choosing the right work desk or study table can be quite confusing. This task becomes so much easier if you know what you are looking for! Here’s all the information you need before you head out to buy a workstation table or a computer desk for your home.

          Picking the right size and surface area

          If you have limited floor area, you’d probably want a sleek, small desk. Or you can choose a corner desk that can help you use your limited space more efficiently. Another excellent option for small spaces is a drop-leaf study desk where one section of the counter space is hinged and can be dropped when you don’t need much space at the top. 

          If you have ample space in your room, buy a workstation table with multiple drawers and cabinets. These come with ample space to store all your extra supplies and keep your space neat and tidy. 

          Whether you are looking for a small table for your laptop or you need a desk with a large tabletop for your gaming zone, at IKEA we can help you find the best option at reasonable rates. 

          Choose the right material

          Study desks and work tables are mostly constructed with steel, engineered wood or solid wood. A wood desk is super sturdy and easy to clean. A desk made of engineered wood is quite durable and usually costs less than a solid wood desk. If you are looking for a work desk that's modern, affordable and tough, a steel work table might be the right fit! At IKEA, you will find a range of contemporary work table and computer desk designs that combine various materials to give you aesthetic masterpieces for your home. 

          Select a smart option

          Hate being surrounded by a mess of cables and wires while working? Make sure to choose a workstation table that has holes, cord channels and other solutions to keep them hidden. And if you really hate a mess, you’d never want your tabletop to look overcrowded, right?IKEA brings to you a range of work tables with plenty of storage. Choose a work desk or computer table with drawers and cabinets for your files, documents and extra supplies. 

          Consider your work style

           Do you feel most productive while sitting on your sofa? Then a small laptop stand is the best work table for you. Or maybe you do your best work while sitting up on the bed. In this case, you need a bed tray. And if you find it difficult to sit for more than a few hours, a standing work desk might be your best option. If you are looking for a work desk for your home, taking your work style into consideration is crucial. 

          Choose the right height

          Make sure your work desk or study table is the right height to keep away neck and back issues. Plus, working on a desk that isn't of appropriate height can be extremely discomforting. A good desk or desktop table height is when your table reaches up to your elbows while you sit at it. You should be able to rest your arms on the surface with ease. The desk should also have ample space beneath so that there's a considerable gap between your knees and its bottom. 

          Design your desk with IKEA

          Couldn't find what you are looking for? IKEA lets you build your customized modular work by putting together various functional components. Choose from a variety of underframes and tabletop options to create a desk that suits your style. Add storage drawers or a drawer unit to keep your workspace tidy and organized. 

          We offer the best children’s desk for your lil’ one

          Help your child build productive habits by setting up a study and activity area in their bedroom. IKEA offers the best options in children’s study tables and computer tables that come with ideal height and shape to maintain a healthy body posture. No bending over, no slouching! Give your child their very own activity zone where they can concentrate on their work without any discomfort or distractions. 

          If you are looking for something that'll last you for years, choose one of our adjustable children’s desks that comes with 3 different height settings.

          Desk and chair sets for your workspace

          Don’t waste time buying your home office essentials separately. Choose an IKEA desk and chair set instead! But that’s not all we have in store for you! We also offer several options in computer table and chair sets with storage combinations for a complete, functional work-from-home setup. 


          What type of table is best for studying?

          An ideal study table offers ample surface space to work comfortably and enough storage space to keep your supplies. It sits well in the allotted space and complements the decor of the room. Make sure to choose a sturdy study desk that is designed for heavy use. 

          How do you fit a desk in a tiny space?

          Choose a work table that is meant for smaller spaces. Drop-leaf desks, corner workstations and sleek laptop tables are a few options you can opt for. 

          Is studying at a desk better?

          Yes! Having a study table or desktop table can help minimize discomfort, concentrate better and increase productivity. It also allows you to keep everything you need handy so that you don’t waste time searching for books, stationery or other supplies. 

          Which direction is best for the work desk?

          According to Vastu, keeping your work desk in the west, south or southwest direction can help generate a productive environment for work. Alternately, keeping your work desk facing a window will ensure you get sunlight during the day.

          Which table is best for computers?

          Before you buy a computer table, measure your space accurately to pick the right size.  A solid wood or engineered wood desk with a spacious tabletop is a great option for a computer table. Also look for features like drawers, open shelves, pull-out shelves, cabinets and cup holders if you want well-functioning computer table furniture. 

          How do I choose a work table?

          Before you buy a workstation desk, you need to consider factors like size, shape, build material, storage capacity, portability and height. 

          What is a good work table size?

          That depends on your work style. If you just need something to keep your laptop on, a small desk is an ideal option. If you are planning to set up a dedicated workspace at home, you need a large work desk with a spacious tabletop, cabinets and/or drawers.