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Cooking & baking utensils

Go From Amateur To Super-Chef With Our Cooking & Baking Utensils 

Whip up Saturday night dinner with your friends or a batch of cookies with your kids - everyone’s a super chef with our cooking & baking utensils. From the OMTÄNKSAM mixing bowl to the ÄDELSTEN mortar and pestle, and the GEMAK colander to the IDEALISK potato press, the right tools make cooking easier like never before. We even have trays and molds for baking cakes, muffins, and bread, like our non-stick HEMMABAK range. Peel, press, grate or grind, find everything you need right at your fingertips with our collection of bakeware, lids, peelers, spoons, and trays. 

Sunny with a chance of barbecue

There’s something about barbecuing the food that simply heightens the moment. When the barbeque season is in full swing, GRILLTIDER series brings you all the necessities, ready to serve whenever the forecast is looking up.

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A GRILLTIDER serving basket, serving bowl and barbecue tool set prepared with a hamburger meal on an outdoor worktop.
A GRILLTIDER three-piece, stainless-steel barbecue tools set laid out on a brushed-metal surface.
See the GRILLTIDER series

Kitchen utensils that measure up

Whether you have a generations-old sourdough culture, or you simply go for the convenience of bread-baking mix, baking your own bread is a great feeling. And having the right ingredients in the correct amounts is the key to successful baking.

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A 0.5 litre VARDAGEN measuring jug in glass, standing on an open recipe book in front of mixing bowls, a jug and a glass.
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Bottle something sweet for later

Many fruits and vegetables are at their peak right now. Take the opportunity to preserve those amazing flavours while you can. Whether it’s lemonade or pickles that tickle your fancy, you’ll have delicious treats whenever you get the urge.

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A kitchen worktop in the middle of a lemonade-making session; lemons, a SPRITTA squeezer, CHOSIGT funnels and KORKEN bottles.
A worktop with halved lemons scattered over IKEA 365+ chopping boards and the yellow top of a SPRITTA citrus squeezer.
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Bowls, Spatulas, Sifters Or Whisks - You Name It, We’ve Got it! 

Our cooking & baking utensils are here to make your kitchen experience better. Want to mix up cake batter or scrambled eggs? Get our stainless steel OMTÄNKSAM bowl. It comes with a silicone lid that not just converts the bowl into a storage container but also doubles as a base, providing grip when you’re mixing things. Or check out our stainless steel HEMMABAK muffin tray. It helps you whip up cupcakes, quiches, and bread in a jiffy, and we have given it a non-stick coating so you can take them out easily. If you’re someone who prefers to make their masalas at home, try our black marble ÄDELSTEN mortar and pestle - the reversible mortar ensures your spices are ground finely. And if you’re looking for more cooking & baking utensils, we have the off-white GEMAK colander that comes handy to rinse your veggies and fruits or the IDEALISK potato press that is excellent to create mash for your aloo parathas!

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