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Shoe cabinets

Storage Worthy Of Your Precious Footwear Collection

Give your footwear a well-designed home so that you can grab a pair without skipping a beat. The HEMNES shoe cabinets make excellent storage for your shoes while taking up very little floor space. The compact TRONES shoe cabinets can be stacked and combined to create storage that is as big or as small as you want it. While the TJUSIG bench gives you a place to sit down and put on your shoes on. You can even stash your footwear in the open shelves under the bench. 

Compact and stylish shoe storage to suit your decor

Furnish your hallway with the stylish HEMNES shoe cabinet that easily stores a dozen pairs of footwear without taking up much floor space. Each of its two compartments has double rows with ventilation at the back. It also has a small drawer that can serve as a catch-all for things to grab and go. The elegant MACKAPÄR shoe cabinets have a sleek design with sliding doors that let you easily choose your shoes when you are in a hurry. The units are stackable to expand with your shoe collection. The GREJIG wire shoe racks neatly fold away to be stored in the closet and can be opened out and stacked high whenever you need extra shoe storage for guests. Keep shoes in shape while in storage with the OMSORG shoe tree.

While you’re here check out our range of hooks and hangers from our KARTOTEK and KUBBIS collections to install above your shoe cabinets to hang your coats and scarves.

Shoe storage tips

  • Store shoes carefully to prolong their good looks and life. Proper shoe storage also prevents an unsightly mess at the entrance of your home
  • Choose a shoe storage shelf or wooden shoe rack specifically designed for shoes
  • If your shoes tend to get wet often, choose a shoe rack that is water-resistant 
  • Air out and dry wet shoes before storing them to prevent mildew and mould. Wet shoes in a closed rack can become unhygienic and smelly
  • Silica gel pouches are handy for keeping the shoe cabinet dry
  • Wrapping shoes in plastic encourages mould to grow. Store dry shoes in a closed shoe cabinet or specifically designed shoe bags for protection from dust
  • Shoes should be wiped clean before storing them
  • Keep a small box of shoe maintenance supplies and a shoe horn handy by the shoe rack

Shoe tree

If a shoe is going to be in storage for a prolonged period, use a shoe tree to keep it in good shape. Shoe trees also prevent the shoe from folding in on itself and creating creases.

Keeping the shoe cabinet fresh

Shoe cabinets can be kept fresher if you put shoes in them only after being thoroughly aired out and cleaned. Silica gel or activated charcoal packets keep the cabinet dry and discourage mould growth. Some home remedies for smelly shoe cabinets are:

  • A dried tea bag: Dry a teabag thoroughly after use and keep it in the shoe cabinet overnight to absorb odours
  • Fill empty tea bags with baking soda or baby talc and keep them in the shoe cabinet. Ensure that there is no direct contact with the shoes
  • A thin bag of well-dried citrus peels kept in the shoe rack overnight neutralises foul smells
  • A tissue with one or two drops of tea tree oil on it keeps the shoe cabinet fresh. Avoid direct contact with the outer shoe surface

Organising shoes

  • Avoid piling shoes, one on top of the other when in storage. A shoe rack is the best way to keep shoes from compressing each other in storage
  • Buy a quality wooden shoe rack that will be stable and have ample space for all kinds of shoes
  • The best way to keep a shoe cabinet tidy is to organise it. Place shoes that you often wear together to not mess up the entire cabinet when grabbing your daily pair in a hurry
  • Store shoes that you occasionally wear in a different section
  • Shoes that are worn very rarely should be stored carefully in acid-free tissue or shoe bags
  • Use shoe trees in infrequently worn shoes
  • Store boots upright or sideways without folding them over. This prevents creases and unsightly folds
  • Do not store shoes in plastic boxes not designed for shoes. Non ventilated boxes can encourage the growth of mould and cause odour

Shoe racks for smaller spaces

Use shoe racks that are narrow, slim in profile or wall-mounted, such as the BISSA shoe cabinet or the HEMNES shoe cabinet. 

Shoe racks for larger spaces

Choose a bench with shoe storage or a wooden shoe rack for a hallway to match the other furniture. Buying an integrated shoe and coat storage system is also recommended for larger foyers.