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Bathroom vanities

Refreshment Stations That Work For You

Feel the energy to kickstart a new morning, or unwind after a day’s work, with our collections of elegant wash-stands. Stylish and spacious, our HEMNES and RATTVIKEN collection comes with two brown-tinted drawers and a RUNSKÄR tap. If there are kids at home, our DYNAN collection is perfect with its rounded edges and adjustable legs. Complete with a bamboo countertop, you can choose either a matte or high-gloss finish for the GODMORGON and TOLKEN. And make most of your bathroom space with our RÅGRUND and TYNGEN collection - it comes with a corner shelf for so you can keep your toiletries and towels always handy.

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More optionsENHET Base frame for washbasin 60x40x60 cm (23 5/8x15 3/4x23 5/8 ")

ENHET Base frame for washbasin, anthracite, 60x40x60 cm

More optionsENHET Base frame for washbasin 60x40x60 cm (23 5/8x15 3/4x23 5/8 ")

ENHET Base frame for washbasin, white, 60x40x60 cm

More optionsENHET Base cb f washbasin w shelf 40x40x60 cm (16x16x24 ")

ENHET Base cb f washbasin w shelf, grey, 80x40x60 cmENHET Base cb f washbasin w shelf, grey, 60x40x60 cmENHET Base cb f washbasin w shelf, white, 60x40x60 cm

More optionsENHET Bs cb f wb w shlf/doors 60x42x60 cm (23 5/8x16 1/2x23 5/8 ")

ENHET Bs cb f wb w shlf/doors, white/oak effect, 80x42x60 cmENHET Bs cb f wb w shlf/doors, grey/oak effect, 80x42x60 cmENHET Bs cb f wb w shlf/doors, grey/white, 80x42x60 cm

More optionsENHET Base cb f washbasin w 2 drawers 40x42x60 cm (15 3/4x16 1/2x23 5/8 ")

ENHET Base cb f washbasin w 2 drawers, grey/oak effect, 60x42x60 cmENHET Base cb f washbasin w 2 drawers, grey/oak effect, 80x42x60 cmENHET Base cb f washbasin w 2 drawers, white/grey frame, 80x42x60 cm

More optionsGODMORGON Wash-stand with 2 drawers 60x47x58 cm (23 5/8x18 1/2x22 7/8 ")

GODMORGON Wash-stand with 2 drawers, white, 60x47x58 cmGODMORGON Wash-stand with 2 drawers, white, 80x47x58 cmGODMORGON Wash-stand with 2 drawers, high-gloss white, 80x47x58 cm

More optionsENHET Base cb f washbasin w 2 drawers 60x40x60 cm (24x16x24 ")

ENHET Base cb f washbasin w 2 drawers, grey, 80x40x60 cmENHET Base cb f washbasin w 2 drawers, grey, 40x40x60 cmENHET Base cb f washbasin w 2 drawers, grey, 60x40x60 cm
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Bathroom vanity units with basins with that clean look

Get compact and coordinated functionality for your bathroom. No space goes to waste with this washbasin and cabinet. Store towels, toiletries and other bathroom articles under the sink.

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A bathroom with a LILLTJÄRN washbasin base cabinet with two doors in white, a sink in white and VESKEN trolley in white.
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Bathroom products for the coordinated experience

You can find all the functional bathroom accessories and smaller items of furniture you need to make your bathroom reflect who you are.

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See all bathroom accessories

Wash your stress away!

 Whether you're kickstarting your mornings or looking to relax after an action-packed workday, our collection of wash-stands are here to make your daily bathroom rituals smoother. Our HEMNES and RÄTTVIKEN wash-stands, complete with a RUNSKÄR tap and two drawers, indulges the neat-freak and the decorator in you. Its brown-black finish makes your bathroom look great, and drawers with dividers help you store your toiletries in order. Designed for both mommies and kids, DYNAN comes with a mirror top cabinet, perfect for a ten-step skincare routine and rounded edges that keep the kiddos safe. Great to store your frequently-used products, GODMORGON and TOLKEN wash-stand has a bamboo countertop. All about convenience, it’s easy-to-wipe and fitted with soft-closing drawers that pull out completely. And our RÅGRUND and TYNGEN wash-stand with corner shelf is perfect for compact bathrooms! Complete with a PILKÅN tap, it has bamboo shelves that fit perfectly into corners. And don’t forget to check out the LILLÅNGEN mirror cabinet to give your wash-stand the perfect companion!

Types of vanities

Integrated vanity and basin units: A vanity unit with an integrated basin will take the guesswork out of matching a suitable basin and vanity. You can be sure that the basin will fit and that the cabinet will have the correct provisions for the basin’s plumbing. 

  • Standalone vanities: You can also choose a standalone vanity that goes under a pre-mounted sink. The LILLÅNGEN / TYNGEN wash-basin base cabinet fits under the basin and has space for the plumbing to pass through. 
  • Wall-mounted vanities: If you want the floor under the basin unobstructed, you can choose a wall-mounted vanity or a vanity with legs that raises it off the floor. 
  • Closed or open: Some vanities have cabinets enclosed by doors that keep your storage out of sight. Other models such as the  VILTO wash-stand and the RÅGRUND / TYNGEN wash-basin/corner shelf have open shelving. Select the design that suits your needs best. Open designs are easy to access but need a little more effort to keep tidy and presentable. 
  • Counter space: Your vanity design determines the amount of counter space that you will have. If you use shelves for your toiletries and do not need counter space, choose a unit that holds only the sink with no counter space. If you prefer to place all your stuff next to the sink, pick a vanity that has ample room. 

Choosing the right vanity

Adding a vanity to your bathroom enhances the looks and storage of the bathroom. Choosing the right vanity cabinet is essential to get the best results. Here are some tips for choosing a vanity for your bathroom:

  • Scale: Pick a vanity that matches the scale and proportions of your bathroom. A small sink will look better with a proportionally small vanity.
  • The number of sinks: Evaluate how many sinks you will need for your bathroom before purchasing the bathroom vanity units. For two sinks, you can either select a pair of individual vanities or a vanity that will accommodate two sinks. 
  • Faucet: Check if the basin faucet will be fitted inside or outside the sink. If the faucet is outside the sink, the vanity should have a hole provided for it. 
  • Material: A bathroom is a humid room that is prone to temperature changes. Select a vanity that has been designed for the bathroom environment. This will ensure the life and durability of the vanity. 
  • Plumbing: Double check if the selected vanity will require you to change the sink’s plumbing. A vanity that fits in easily with your plumbing will save you time and money. 
  • Traffic: Ensure that the vanity will not affect the traffic pattern in the bathroom. This is especially important in a smaller bathroom where a couple of inches makes all the difference. Check if opening the doors make it impossible to move in and out of the space. If so, you will have to shut and reopen the doors every time you get more laundered towels to replace in the vanity. 
  • Maintenance: The vanity should not make that area of the bathroom impossible to clean and maintain. The vanity itself should be easy to clean. A vanity with a built-in backsplash protects the wall behind it.
  • Storage: Choose a vanity that is suitable for your storage needs. It is better to have a fully stocked vanity than to have a half-empty vanity taking up valuable space. 
  • Measure: Before you select a vanity, measure the bathroom under-sink area accurately. 

Things that you can (and cannot) store under the bathroom sink

A bathroom is a room prone to extreme temperature changes and humidity. Certain items that most people store in their bathroom vanities should be stored outside the bathroom. 

  • Cleaning supplies: A vanity is an excellent place to store bathroom cleaning supplies within easy reach and out of sight.
  • Toiletries: You can store infrequently used toiletries under the bathroom cabinet. 
  • Large shampoo and bodywash bottles: Using small matching dispensers for liquid toiletries is a good idea. You can store the larger bottles in the vanity cabinet to easily refill the dispensers.
  • Toilet paper: Toilet paper in bulk is better stored in a less humid room. You can keep a couple of extra rolls in the bathroom.