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Recycling bins

The Right Place For Your Old Printouts, Old Pencils, And Used Staples

Everything in your house has a place and so should your waste. Waste bins with or without a lid, sorting bins, pedal bins, and more - our collection of recycling bins has the right bin for your home. Check out the MJÖSA pedal bin - its lid has soft-closing gas hinges to keep your fingers safe. Or check out the SORTERA waste sorting bin - it has a folding lid so you can stack another bin on top and still access the lid. And for something that will easily blend in your kitchen or bathroom, we have the SNÄPP pedal bin - its inner bucket can be removed so you can easily empty the bin and clean it too!

Sort Your Waste And Do Your Bit For The Environment

Sorting your waste just got simpler with our collection of recycling bins. We have many options for you like our MJÖSA pedal bins - it comes with a soft-closing lid and a removable inner bucket for easy cleaning. We also gave it a handle so you can easily move it wherever you like. Or check out the SORTERA waste bin that comes with foldable lids. You can easily stack two bins on top of each other to save space and sort your garbage. It’s perfect for waste sorting of glass, metal, plastic, newspapers, or whatever you like. And for something simple and equally functional, check out the KNODD bin with lid - made of steel it will easily blend anywhere in your house. For something a bit versatile, check out the PLUGGIS waste sorting bin - while it’s perfect for sorting your waste, it’s equally functional as storage as well. And check out the HÅLLBAR bin in which you can easily sort different items - thanks to the different-coloured stickers that are included so you can mark each bin according to what you are sorting.

And don’t forget to check out our collection of bin bags and liners for your dustbins!