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Outdoor pots & plants

A Greenhouse Within Your House!

Now, let your home take a breath of fresh air - set up a few of our outdoor pots & plants at your living room or balcony and watch your space take on a new life! The trendy RÅGKORN plant pot can add a touch of rustic appeal to the living room, whereas if you’re more into the minimalist aesthetic, the elegant SOCKER plant pot is perfect for you! Now, you can also add some splash of colour to your hallway or your balcony/patio with the gorgeous CHRYSANTHEMUM plant available in different colours!

For green fingers, plant killers and everything in between

Whether you want to grow a jungle or spruce up your home with some artificial plants, choose the pots that best fit your style. The ÅKERBÄR plant pot and the MUSKOTBLOMMA plant pot with saucer come in different sizes and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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A worktop with a transparent SAMLA box next to a person placing a plant into a terracotta MUSKOTBLOMMA plant pot with saucer.
Some ÅKERBÄR plant pots in different sizes with plants and flowers in them placed on a white bench.
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An outdoor garden in your own home

Durable pots and the plants to go with them bring the joy of flowers and greenery home to you. So go green and start growing, even in an urban environment.

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Terracotta plant pots with herbs, a lavender plant and stacked terracotta saucers.
A Monstera plant inside a large white self-watering plant pot with castors, artificial grass decking and a foldable chair.
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Indulge Your Green Thumb Freely

Pick one of the outdoor pots & plants from our collection and add some leafy friends to your home. Add a dose of greenery in your living room corner with our charming RÅGKORN plant pot - it also has a plastic insert that can be removed so the outer pot is kept away from dirt and soil. If you’re not one for fancy decor, our SOCKER plant pot made of galvanized steel is the one for you. Save some floor space by going for our attractive SKURAR hanging planter - hang it up in your balcony or porch, fill it with shrubbery or creepers to make a truly pretty picture. Or you can complement the woody aesthetic of your patio by propping up our ASKHOLMEN vertical plant stand made of sustainably-sourced wood.

Being a plant-parent requires a lot of nurturing on your end, so check out our range of watering cans to make sure you’re taking care of your plants the right way!