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Bathroom taps

Subliminal stainless steel fixtures.

Our range of wash basin taps and faucets whose variety and ease of functionality will astound you. Our collection of bathroom taps are chrome-plated and come with a basic hot and cold water mixer function. Most of them are crafted to conserve energy and use water diligently. If you have an eye for aesthetics and want your bathroom to reflect your taste, the elegant HAMNSKAR range of wash basin taps which combines a mixer/strainer is the one for you. Or if you’re looking for less-expensive-but-just-as-functional products, the OLSKAR or LILLSVAN range can cover that.

New water saving mixer tap nozzle for all bathrooms

This ergonomically designed nozzle helps you cut down on water while you wash. Choose mist or spray mode and save water every time you run the tap. The nozzle fits most standard bathroom wash-basin mixer taps.

Hands washing above a white wash-basin with a facet that has an ÅBÄCKEN mist nozzle for mixer tap attached to it.
DALSKÄR wash-basin mixer tap mounted on a white wash-basin, next to a burgundy dish with a bar of white soap.

You can use up to 50% less water if you change your old bathroom taps for IKEA taps with a flow regulator.

Posh, functional and unique

Our varied collection of wash-basin taps can cover each and every one of your requirements and look good doing it. If you’re looking to elevate your interior aesthetics, turn to the HAMNSKAR range for beautiful designs and top-class features. The OLSKAR and LILLSVAN product ranges offer great value for money with all the necessary basic mixer functions. The RUNSKAR and LUNDSKAR product ranges offer the same functionality as the HAMNSKAR range but are crafted with a more minimal look. Made with sparkling stainless steel and fitted with chrome-plated brass, our wash-basin taps are easy to clean and hard to rust. At IKEA, we take water conservation very seriously which is why all our bathroom taps feature water and energy-saving aerators for low and high-pressure systems. Our collection of wash-basin taps are uniquely crafted, stunningly designed and are guaranteed to give your bathroom the grace it requires.

Choosing the right faucet

It is common to choose a faucet based on its looks. But there are other aspects that you can consider to ensure that you enjoy your faucet’s looks as well as functionality:

  • Location: Consider where you will be using the faucet and choose one that best suits the room’s functionality, basin or sink that you will instal it in. If you have a shelf above the faucet, ensure that the spout’s height will fit under the shelf and allow comfortable use.
  • Size: Match the faucet size to the size of the sink or washbasin. If it is an older model, ensure that the new faucet will easily fit in.
  • Valves: Ceramic valves last longer and are less temperature-sensitive than ordinary valves. Choose a ceramic valve fitted tap or faucet for drip-free operation with both hot and cold water. 
  • Finish: Consider the finishes of the other hardware that you have used in the room and choose a tap or faucet to match.
  • Single-handed vs two-handed: Two-handed taps and faucets are charming and match traditional interiors. Single-handed models are more convenient to operate. Choose according to your needs and preferences.
  • Water-saving capabilities: Do your bit for the environment and save water by choosing more water-efficient taps. IKEA taps that have a flow regulator save 50% more water than regular taps. 

Black taps and faucets

Black faucets easily match most interiors. A black tap is less likely to show fingerprint marks than silver or gold finished fixtures. Black also adds a touch of sophistication to the look of the room. 

Preventing splashing from a tap or faucet

Installing an aerator valve in a tap enhances the functionality of a faucet and prevents splashing. Do not choose a tap or faucet that is too large for the sink. The end of your sink’s faucet should be a few inches above the rim of the sink to ensure that there is adequate room between the tap and the sink bottom to prevent splashing. Try to aim the faucet water stream towards the drain of the sink or washbasin. 

Maintaining a faucet

Maintain faucets precisely according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Most faucets can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and a mild non-abrasive detergent. Do not use abrasives, scouring powder, calcium-dissolving detergents, alcoholic detergents, sour agents or steel wool on faucets and taps. Vinegar is an acidic agent and is best avoided. 

Mixer taps

When you have a mixer tap, you do not need a separate hot water tap and cold water tap. The mixer tap mixes hot and cold water according to the controls and delivers the mixed water through a single tap spout. 

Tap aerators

An aerator breaks the stream of water into many smaller streams with air in between. Aerators also prevent splashing and keep the water stream at an even pressure. Though an aerator tap uses less water than a conventional tap, the bubbly stream of water increases the perceived water pressure. Aerators save water without sacrificing the efficiency of the faucet. 

Think beyond the norms when it comes to your bathroom or washroom. Our range of bathroom taps can effortlessly blend with your washbasins, showers, and other sanitaryware.