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Wall storage

Everyday cooking can be a real delight with IKEA’s wall storage accessories. Right from making your first cup of chai, to packing your tiffin, every morning in the kitchen feels enjoyable. Whether you are a home chef, someone who is passionate about cooking, or rarely steps in your kitchen, when the cooking zone looks this stunning, you can’t take your eyes off of it. Our wall storage collection includes kitchen shelves and organisers that smartly utilise the wall space to create more room for your cookware. These racks are accessible when you do your meal prep. Zero chaos, maximum cleanliness, and a beautiful addition, these wall storage units are a must-have for every modern kitchen. A minimalistic design keeps them from interfering with other appliances and cabinets. So, browse through our mini organisers and find the best fit for your kitchen walls. You will find everything from magnetic knife racks and hooks, to kitchen roll holders in this diverse range of products. 

Kitchen storage with built-in ventilation

The steel mesh material of RISATORP basket helps things stay visible and ventilated – perfect for fruit and veggies. Or those bits and bobs that you want to keep fresh on your mind.

A close-up of the steel mesh of a light yellow RISATORP basket. The shadow of the mesh can be seen on the white background.
A light yellow RISATORP basket in a white studio space that shows its metal mesh basket and a birch wooden handle.

Wall organisers for wall-friendly shelving

These affordable wall organisers deliver drill-free storage. No more holes in your walls, the concealed suction cups hold up to 1 kg of kitchen utensils, spices or jars. Clean design, smooth rounded corners and woodsy grey-green tone create a serene and modern expression. Smart, practical and stylish.

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Grey-green ÖBONÄS wall shelf and container on a tiled wall holding various items above a worktop with a jar holding utensils.
A grey-green ÖBONÄS triple hook fastened to a tiled wall holding a cream and grey beige striped patterned tea towel.
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A wall with KUNGSFORS wall-storage with glass storage jars, boxes and diverse kitchen utensils beside a closed brown cabinet.

Organise like a pro

Anyone can have a professional kitchen at home. All it takes to unleash your inner chef is a little planning and the right organisation.

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A storage rack for kitchen is very useful in an Indian household

Us Indians love a good load of masala in our food. Every Indian household always has its spices in stock. Since these powders and ingredients are so integral to the food, it can be helpful to store them in containers and keep these containers accessible. So whatever sabji or curry you decide you cook, your magical tastemakers will be waiting for you on the wall racks next to the stove. 

A storage rack for kitchen keeps your food items organised. No more confusion between salt and sugar. Every one of your edibles is seen distinctively.This is especially useful during a busy weekday morning in the kitchen. You can very easily pick out the things you want from the open wall shelves, and put them back in their exact place after use. No mess, no fuss, and no waste of time. Be it a grand Indian thali, or a simple lunch, every cooking experience is significantly easier with IKEA’s spice racks. 

Kitchen shelves and racks arrange your cookware and kitchen items

A well-organised kitchen always keeps you, the chef, in a good mood. No one wants to cook on an untidy kitchen counter with all the utensils scattered around. To keep the cooking area orderly, it is wise to invest in kitchen shelves and racks. These inventions demand minimum effort on your end, and are installed very easily.

With an elegant wall unit, even everyday crockery like cups, bowls, and plates look like decor pieces. They can be uniformly arranged in separate compartments. Our kitchen organisers come in soft tones and whites, giving a nice touch to the walls. A pleasant colour palette and systematic arrangement of tableware makes for one of the best kitchen decor. 

Kitchen hanging accessories create extra storage space for a small home

When the floor space in your house doesn’t seem enough, turn to the walls. These vertical spaces are the most underrated storage solutions and create enough room to accommodate a variety of things. And not just that, but wall accessories also enhance the appearance of a room, adding more depth and decorative value.

In a single room or studio apartment, you don’t get the luxury of buying heavy  furniture for keeping your things. But when it comes to your kitchen, sometimes you just cannot compromise on the essentials. Cookware, cutlery, containers. dinnerware, the list goes on. Kitchen hanging accessories can accommodate all these items without cluttering the floor. For an open kitchen, it becomes unavoidable to utilise the walls to create space for furniture. IKEA’s wall accessories are compact, smartly designed, and make no permanent changes to the kitchen structure. 

A kitchen wall stand for every kind of cooking aid

Chopping, cutting, frying, baking, kneading, and much more. Every cooking process requires not just one, but many cooking equipment. These kitchenware accessories, when kept near the cooking area, can reduce the time you spend toiling in the kitchen. Our wall storage  includes a model for every tool you use when you put on the chef’s hat. 

Beginning with a cup stand for kitchen wall, you can hang your coffee mugs and cups here. Start your day in the kitchen by taking out your favourite mug and pouring your strongest beverage in it. For your tableware that includes plates, dishes, and bowls, our dish drainers and steel grids will be the best match. And when it comes to keeping your heavy cookware products like pots and pans, you can place those on wall shelves with sturdy surfaces. These designs have a wooden and stainless steel composition that gives it robust features and a visual appeal unmatched by none.

If you are a wine aficionado, or a connoisseur, our wine shelves are just for you. Sophisticated and practical, these designs help you recreate the feel of a cellar in your kitchen itself. These compartments can store bottles, glasses, and even napkins when combined the right way. 

Kitchen utensils wall stand beautify the space

Want to give your dull walls a quick makeover? Cooking in the same ambience for years can get a little boring. But with no way of making any permanent changes to the interior, you can get the desired result with easy-maintenance kitchen furnishings. Wall storage units might just be the most budget-friendly way of doing it.  

 A kitchen utensils wall stand can be a statement piece. Attractive shapes from IKEA utilise very little wall space, but offer immense aesthetic value. Some of these unconventional metal designs have pot holders. Indoor plants, a herb rack, or just a place to keep flowers to brighten up your day. Other designs have sufficient room for decor items and art pieces. Nothing more delightful than keeping a picture frame or a vase to improve the aura.

IKEA’s wall units are amazing space savers and have a lovely appeal. When you match these accessories to complement the colour scheme of the kitchen, you get a stylish decor in which you can flex your gourmet skills. 

Wall hooks and rails are useful to place cleaning products

Saaf safai is the number one rule in Indian kitchens, and rightfully so. To keep your cooking area spick-n-span at all times, you need your cleaning equipment nearby. Dishwasher soap, scrub, napkins, kitchen towels - they all must be stocked next to the sink. To avoid creating a mess, and keeping this area dry, you need wall hooks and a stand. This kitchen accessory is your ticket to a kitchen that always looks like paradise.

IKEA’s collection of wall racks includes the ones that are kept right next to the place where you do the dishes. With an individual compartment for each cleaning item, it becomes easier to do the chore. Your apron, towels, and gloves go right back on the shelf once their job is done. 

Our kitchen racks are also the perfect place to dry your utensils. If they’re soaking wet, just place them in here. Ceramic, steel, glass, or plastic, these firm models can handle most heavy utensils.

IKEA’s kitchen shelves and racks come in different sizes

We understand that not every kitchen is the same. Some are big, some are smaller, some have more floor space, others have an open plan, and some have more wall space for grabs. No matter what category your kitchen fits into, we have wall storage ideas for you. 

If your kitchen has more items to be stored, you’ll naturally need a wider wall cabinet. Go for the ones that offer more depth. This way, you can place the rarely used utensils behind the ones that you use on a regular basis. This creates more space to help you arrange the kitchenware uniformly, without necessarily putting them on display.  

If you have fine crockery and silverware, why not showcase it? With a kitchen shelf that has a longer surface, you can organise this stunning collection. You can opt for a design that has a longer surface, or has more racks. Either way, you can synchronise your tableware in an elegant way. 

When you have space constraints and cannot afford to dedicate an entire wall for a storage unit, it is better to go for something low-key. Low-key, but classy. IKEA’s single wall shelves occupy negligible wall space, but fulfil all your requirements. It has a traditional vibe and takes you back to the old times. This vintage little design, although simplistic in appearance, has a solid frame. It’s the ideal choice for tiny kitchens and limited storage. 

No need to drill holes with our products 

Making structural changes to your home is not always practical. But to generate more space and keep things categorised, you need certain furnishing essentials. These essentials keep your house neat and  produce a calming aura. And a soothing environment can put your mind at ease. 

IKEA’s magnetic racks and shelves don’t need to be pierced inside the wall. They are simply attached to the surface and remain there until it’s time to remove them. Holders with suction cups have similar properties in the sense that they can be pressed onto the wall surface and remain fixed there for a long time. These designs are well suited for lightweight cooking tools like knives, towels, and spoons. 

Open shelves on kitchen walls are an excellent way of making your cooking duties less stressful. Keep everything accessible and reduce your time in the kitchen by half. And when it’s time to indulge in some leisurely cooking, these racks will have everything ready for you. After all, cookbooks, flower pots, and other pretty things make for a pleasant kitchen view and a cooking experience.