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Steel-y Elegance!

IKEA’s collection of pure stainless steel cutlery will make you long for the old-fashioned task of setting the table and sitting down for a meal, instead of doing the same old microwave takeout routine. Our 24-piece GAMMAN cutlery is perfect for both traditional or modern table settings. The TILLAGD 24-piece cutlery with a matte black metallized finish is for the ultra-sophisticated dining experience. Add a dash of vintage to your table by opting for the SKUREN 18-piece set with a beautiful antique design.

Bring a little panache to everyday dining experience.

At IKEA, we have a huge variety of cutlery designs to choose from, so as to make your dining ordeal a delightful event. Choose from 12-piece, 18-piece and 24-piece cutlery sets. Knives with wooden handles, salad tongs, cake slicers - IKEA has a tool for all your serving, slicing and eating needs. Our TILLAGD 24-piece cutlery set is made of stainless steel with a metallized black matte finish and comprises of 6 sets knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons. The 24-piece GAMMAN cutlery set has the same units as the above in a pleasing minimalist design. For those of you looking to add a renaissance flair to your dining set, look no further than the SKUREN 18-piece cutlery containing 6 sets of forks, spoons and teaspoons with attractive handles of antique design. For complementary serving accessories, you can go in for the DRAGON cake slicer and the SKOGHALL salad tongs with teeth. Separate sets of knives, forks and spoons of various sizes are also available. IKEA has something to fit everyone’s budgetary and aesthetic requirements.