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Bathroom sinks

Ready To Help The Earth With Our Water-Saving Sinks? 

Our sinks are great for you and great for the planet too. We fit them all with aerators, which save up to 50% more water and electricity. At the same time, we make sure the water pressure’s just right. So bring home an ODENSVIK wash basin - there’s even room underneath for towels and supplies. Need extra space on top for your toothbrush mug? A LILLANGEN sink is what you’re looking for. Venture through our collection and you’ll find the perfect sink for your personal tastes while staying eco-friendly.

It’s Each Sink To One’s Own.

The great thing about our bathroom sinks is that they’re made of white ceramic. Each wash basin is smooth to touch and highly durable. And, since each individual piece is kiln-fired, you’ll have a totally unique one on your hands. Check out a GUTVIK countertop sink. This round wash basin is perfect for that personal feel in your bathroom. Looking for two? Then we’ll help you out with an ODENSVIK piece. The double basins allow you and your partner to comfortably start the day together as you get up to brush. And if you get yourself a LILLANGEN wash basin, you’ll have room for all your other things too. Fitted with a stainless steel frame, this sink has place for your soap dish, tray and towel hanger. Change it up from time to time with our RATTVIK wash basins. You can rotate these to the left or right as you please.


Want to let your style sink in through every corner of your bathroom? Explore our range of functional and stylish washstands, cabinets and shower accessories.