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From the most practical everyday dinnerware to exquisite sets for that special candlelit meal

Food is enjoyed by all our senses. We relish our food with our eyes even before it hits our taste buds. Our beautiful dinnerware collections serve as the ideal frame for your dishes. Our collections are also extremely practical. The exquisite VÄRDERA collection has a timeless soft square shape that will grace the most elegant of tables. It is made of feldspar porcelain that is impact resistant and durable. It can be popped in the microwave as well as a dishwasher.

GLADELIG tableware brings unique design to your table

GLADELIG tableware is made with a reactive glaze that gives it that decorative, handcrafted appearance. Perfect for all occasions, so you can enhance your table with clean classic shapes and unique design with a timeless look.

See the GLADELIG series
A canapé is on a GLADELIG plate and a heart-shaped doily on another. A STORSINT wine glass and glass are by the plates.
    See the GLADELIG series

    Discover some of our dinnerware series

    IKEA 365+ dinnerware series – Smart, timeless design for all your needs
    BACKIG series – Stylish and sustainably made black dinnerware

    FRÖJDEFULL dinnerware that's as strong as it is beautiful

    Plates, deep plates and serving bowls with round, oval and organic shapes, perfect for serving and dining. Use separately or together, they’re made from fine china, an upgraded version of porcelain combining delicacy, translucency and durability.

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    FRÖJDEFULL bowls in white with berries, FRÖJDEFULL plates in white, a chopping board, bread, a carafe and glass of juice.
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      Beautiful dinnerware that is also microwave and dishwasher safe

      Whoever said that food is to be enjoyed by all the senses, knew exactly what they were talking about. If your plate looks great, your appeal for the food automatically goes up. At IKEA, we understand that food is meant to be experienced by not only your taste buds and so we have come up with an exquisite range of dinnerware to make every meal look like a feast

      Choosing a dinner set sounds like an easy task until you actually have to do it. So many questions pop up at the time of making those decisions. The most common one being- What material do you choose? At IKEA , we have a variety of dinner sets made from ceramic, plastic and glass for you to choose from. While ceramic dinner sets are fragile, some types of ceramics like stoneware are a little more durable. They are also easy to maintain and use. Most dinner sets made with this material are dishwasher and microwave safe, making them a good choice to add to your crockery cabinet. 

      Exploring different materials for dinnerware 

      Another good option for the material of dinner sets is porcelain or china. While this too is fragile material, it is somewhat durable. Most fine quality china and porcelain is dishwasher and microwave safe, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise. Dinner sets made of china usually have a very high quality look, which make them the ideal choice for fine dinners and special occasions. Bone china is another great choice. It is lightweight but also one of the most durable ceramic types.

      Another commonly asked question is what should dinner sets consist of? The typical dinner set suited for four, consists of 16 pieces. This includes dinner plates, soup bowls, cups, and dessert plates. Bigger dinner sets will also include pieces like platters and saucers. IKEA offers its customers a range of dinner sets made from the finest quality materials. They also come in a range of colours, shapes and designs to suit your taste and every occasion. 

      Let’s not forget about your little ones while picking out new pieces to add to your dinner sets. IKEA has a range of plates that are designed especially for kids. They come in different colours that are vibrant and perfect to make dinner time a fun experience. Some of our plates, like HEROISK, also come with partitions to help the messy eaters. Some of our products are made with plastic. But fret not! At IKEA we care about our customers’ safety as well the environment. We ensure that all our products are non-toxic. An added bonus is that these products are recyclable too.

      Choose from a range of dinnerware that covers a range of styles to suit your mood. Let your imagination dictate the table settings of the day knowing that at the end of the meal you can put every piece in the dishwasher. Pep up your mood on a monday morning with vibrant plates and bowls from the FRAMKALLA collection. The rustic pieces from the UPPLAGA collection will not be out of place when used with that inherited traditional bone china dinner set. Plate your culinary masterpieces on dark grey plates from the DINERA stoneware collection. The GULKREMLA collection pairs modern design with stainless steel for a traditional Indian table setting with modern flair. Serve a multicourse festival meal with no worries using the 18 piece VÄRDERA service set. Our dinner sets are also sold separately in case you fancy matching the service bowls of one set with the plates from another. For those who are tired of plain pieces, add some elegant prints to your dinner sets with printed pieces like the ENTUSIASM bowls. They have a certain rustic charm to them that makes for a quaint backyard lunch. If you would like to add a pop of colour to your table, the KEJSERLIG bowls are a great choice. They come in lovely pastel shades and pretty patterns on the body that make for a chic addition.