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Desk accessories

Work More, Search Less!

Don’t spend all your time searching for that pen or stapler, and get to work with our desk accessories organising your tabletop. They keep it clean and clutter-free, so everything, from your old bills and documents to your highlighters and USBs are within your grasp. We’ve even got accessories like the BEKANT screen that keeps you cocooned in privacy while you work. From the DRÖNJÖNS letter tray to the FJÄLLA desk organiser, everything you need to keep you less distracted and more efficient is what we have to decorate your desk.

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For A Clutter-Free Desktop And A Zen Work Area

Keep your work or study space distraction-free with our collection of desk accessories. Preparing an important presentation? Are kid’s exams going on? Our BEKANT screen gives you privacy and absorbs sound, so your work is not disturbed. You can even pin up notes to the BEKANT and use the screen as a pegboard. If you need all your vital documents and bills at hand, get our DRÖNJÖNS letter tray to organise them. The two-leveled tray saves room on your desktop while its plastic feet save it from scratches. Put all your pens, highlighters, USBs, and even your phone in one place with our black FJÄLLA desk organiser. We’ve given it a handle, so you can easily carry it to another room. And if you need a safe home for your hobby or craft items like needles, threads, and buttons, our SVASP desk accessories sort them out for you.

Need a place to throw those scrap papers? Get our waste bins & bags to keep near your desk.