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Laundry cabinets & shelving

Organise your laundry area

A well designed home is easy to clean and makes routine chores easier and enjoyable. An organised laundry room helps you sort and do your laundry in a jiffy. It also enhances the value of your home. Our laundry cabinets help you create a neat and tidy laundry area. 

Laundry rooms that are good looking and functional

Create a space in your home for laundry that supports all the additional functions that go with washing your clothes. It takes more than a washer and dryer to complete a laundry setup. 

Putting together a great laundry room

A well-designed laundry room helps you get more productive and breeze through the chore quickly. The appliances you use for laundry define how you put the room together. Stack the washer and dryer in a smaller room to make enough room for laundry cabinets and shelves. The appliances should also be within easy reach of the necessary electrical and plumbing access points. Leave enough space around your appliances in case you decide to upgrade them at a later date. 

Floor space

Cupboards and shelves are essential for the multifunctionality of the laundry room. Also plan enough shelf or counter space to store your laundry and clothing supplies. Leave enough floor space so that you can use the room for ironing and folding clothes. Counter space helps you stack up the folded laundry into neat piles. Ensure enough room to manoeuvre your laundry baskets, separate laundry, and open the cabinet doors easily.


Many of the detergents and other laundry supplies should be stored out of sight and reach of children. This is easier when you install laundry room cabinets. You can install base cabinets with ample countertop space if you have enough room. But smaller homes need solutions that maximise storage in smaller rooms. Some of our designs fit in a base cabinet next to the washer and open shelving above it. Pick a wall storage unit fitted to the wall and higher off the floor. If you need floor space for laundry baskets, some designs add a swivel shelf to keep smaller bottles and packages of essentials easily accessible. You can easily expand the units with designs from the same collection if you move. 

Laundry room sink

A small sink will be very useful in the laundry room if you have the space. It can be used for pre soaking or to hand wash small items. Pick a tall enough faucet so that you can also use the sink for filling up the mop bucket or for other utility purposes. Install a cover or a panel to cover the sink to extend the counter area when required. A small laundry rack can also be installed to air dry delicate clothes and woollens. 


A laundry room is a great place to install an ironing board. You can finish all your laundry related tasks in one space before putting your clothes away. Ensure that you have an electrical socket available.

Small laundry rooms

Squeeze in tall storage to make the best of a free corner of your room. Choose from our tall units with a combination of open and closed storage to add storage to tiny laundry rooms. If there is no space for a larger shelving unit, use the wall above the washer to install a shelf to keep laundry supplies handy. 

Cabinet colour

Choose cabinet door colours based on the rest of your room. If your appliances are white, white cabinets will fit right in. Wood finished cabinets add warmth to the room. You can pick shelf frames that match the cabinets or add contrast with a complementary colour.