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Ironing boards

Ironing is a breeze with sturdy and stylish IKEA ironing boards

You could be wearing your best outfit but it’ll fail to impress if it's riddled with lines and wrinkles. IKEA's range of ironing boards takes the pain out of ironing clothes so that you can dress to impress every day! 

Buy ironing board at affordable rates

Ironing your clothes may seem like a tiring task unless you have the right ironing board. IKEA offers the best deals on both freestanding ironing tables and folding ironing board wall-mounted in India.  

Our convenient, practical and easy to use ironing boards offer a slew of features that you’re going to love. The sturdy and stable steel base and frame make it possible to get the job done effortlessly and in no time! IKEA ironing boards are easy to store and can be adjusted to a working height you’re comfortable with. And if you don’t have enough floor space for a freestanding ironing stand, pick a portable ironing table instead! 

We also have options with a heat-resistant silicone pad that’ll prevent your iron’s surface from being damaged. If you have no floor area, our ironing tables can be placed on a table or bed while in use. And once you are done, just hang it on a hook in your utility closet. 

Know your options- types of ironing boards

Ironing boards come in a range of designs, each with unique features and benefits. Before you set out to search for the right iron stand online, you need to decide which type of ironing board you want. Here are your options:

Floor Standing Ironing Board: Perhaps the most common variety, a floor standing ironing board comes with a base and a frame and has an adjustable height. It is portable and can easily be shifted from one room to another. Some floor standing boards come packed with additional features like an iron stand and a rack for hanging clothes. If you are planning to create a fixed ironing spot at your home, this is your best option. The legs of the ironing board are foldable, making it easier to store when not in use. 

Wall-mounted iron table: A great option for places with limited floor area, this variety can be attached to the wall and slid open when in use. And when you’re done, just fold it up against the wall. A wall-mounted iron table also comes with adjustable height. 

Tabletop Ironing Board or iron table: Here’s another great option when you have limited space in your home. Tabletop ironing boards come with short legs and can be placed on a table or your bed when in use. Don’t like to stand for too long? An iron table lets you sit down comfortably while you iron your clothes. And when you are done, fold back the legs and hang it on a hook in your cupboard or utility closet.

Door mount ironing board: This variety is quite similar to a wall-mounted iron table. Door-mount ironing boards can be attached to a door and slid open whenever you need. It works best for houses that don’t have enough empty wall space.

Choosing the right ironing board- Here’s what to look for

Once you’ve decided which the type of ironing board you want, it’s time to select the best iron stand online in that category. Here are the things you should consider when buying an ironing board. 


The wider your ironing board is, the more surface you’ll get to work on. Choose an option that’s between 40 to 50 inches in length and 12 to 15 inches in width. But if you are planning to buy an iron table, you may have to settle for a lesser length. From compact table ironing boards to larger stand-alone ones, IKEA offers a range of ironing board dimensions and designs for you to choose from. 


To avoid back strain, make sure that the ironing board you choose rises above your waist level. An ideal ironing board offers features like adjustable height and lets you choose one you’re comfortable with. And when someone else is using the board, they can adjust it according to their comfort! 


If you do not have a designated spot for ironing your clothes, you’ll probably be moving your ironing board a lot. Choose a sturdy but lightweight option that can easily be carried from one place to another. 


A good quality ironing board offers ample stability and lets you work without tipping or collapsing while in use. A sturdy base also helps prevent accidents. At IKEA, we offer a range of extra stable and sturdy iron boards that come with a steel base and frame. 

Proper ventilation

The surface of the ironing board you choose must allow proper ventilation to let the steam penetrate and escape. This way, you’ll not end up with soggy clothes. IKEA ironing boards with 100% cotton covers and polyester filling offer a sturdy surface to work with and ensure that your clothes remain dry and crisp after ironing.

Additional features

Ironing boards come with a number of additional features that can help make the whole process much easier. If your board has an iron stand, you will not have to worry about where to keep the hot iron after use. The iron press stand will also help protect the cover of your board and ensure that the iron doesn’t fall off. Features like a clothing rack will give a space to keep your ironed outfit as you move on to the next one. 


Whether you choose a padded steel ironing board or a cloth press table with a wooden surface, the option you pick must fit within your budget and offer value for money. At IKEA, you will find a range of options at unbelievable press table prices.


What are the three types of ironing boards?

The three common types of ironing boards are wall built-in board, free-standing iron board and compact table board. 

How do I find a good iron board?

Buy a press table with a sturdy and stable base and frame so that it does not collapse or tip during use. The metal top of the board should allow ventilation for the steam to pass through. Your multi-purpose ironing table should be lightweight and adjustable. Foldable designs make it easier to store the ironing board when not in use. Don’t forget to compare different press table prices to get the best deal! Also, look for additional features like an iron press stand and cloth rack.

What size is a normal ironing board?

Ironing board dimensions may vary according to the style and design. When buying a press table, pick sizes that are over 42 inches in length and around 13 inches in width. If you have enough space, go for a wider board as it's more convenient to use. 

Where should an ironing board be placed in a house?

You can place your ironing board in your laundry room or the dressing area. If you don’t have enough space to have a designated spot for ironing, opt for tabletop iron boards that can be hung on a hook and stored in a closet after use. You can also choose a wall-mounted or door mounted board if you are short on space. 

Do ironing boards make a difference?

Absolutely! Multi-purpose ironing tables come with a stable, firm and flat surface which makes it easier to iron clothes. The large surface area is ideal for straightening out sharp creases and wrinkles on the clothes. 

Which ironing board cover is the best?

When it comes to ironing board covers, materials like 100% cotton or Teflon are the best. These are water-resistant, heat resistant and heat-reflective. Cotton or Teflon covers are unlikely to get damaged while ironing.