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Waking up to harsh sunlight can put your mornings to an unpleasant start. And more than that, uncovered windows also take away your privacy. Curtains and blinds keep your home secured, and at the same time, regulate the amount of light inside it. From IKEA’s wide range of curtains, there’s a design for every individual taste. Smooth fabrics, unconventional patterns, and diverse colours make this collection truly unique. Apart from being stylish, these curtains also have excellent light blocking features that keep your interiors cool and safe.

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Layered curtains and why they’re amazing

Simply put, they’re beautiful and they’re functional. Combining sheer curtains with thick darkening ones adds depth to a room, and an easy way to enhance the style of any space. And they’re great for privacy. You can choose to let light in with sheer curtains or block the view with heavier textiles.

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A dark yellow BINGSTA armchair stands in the corner of a room by a window, with layered curtains hung on VIDGA track rails.
A window is furnished with layered curtains, white TIBAST curtains and dark beige DYTÅG curtains, hung on VIDGA track rails.
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How to get the right living room curtains?

The part of the house that entertains most people is the living room. If put up the right way, curtains can drastically enhance its aura. Since this large space accommodates several pieces of furniture, accessorising it is a creative task. Complementing the decor items with each other can produce a visually resplendent look. And then your living room will create a fine impression on anyone who walks in through the door. 

First things first. Knowing the light requirements. Do you want your living room well-lit and bright? Or would you rather have it toned-down, perhaps a little on the cooler side? No matter what your preference is, you should be clear about it before shopping for curtains. The ones that have a sheer fabric allow maximum amount of light to enter. These come in light shades and are thin. On the other hand, if a curtain is made of dense fabric, it will block most of the sunlight. These shades are useful when you want to have a movie night or a private get-together in your living room. 

Living room curtains tend to be longer than other curtains. That’s because they are used to cover wider windows, entrances, and passageways. Some are also installed over the sliding doors for balconies. By using a combination of lightweight and heavy curtains, you can illuminate your home just the way you want, keeping the spotlight on your stunning decor.

How to measure the curtains for home?

There’s no such thing as a right size when it comes to curtains. The dimensions of a curtain determine the overall look of the room. So, whatever your style is - dramatic, bold, simple, or balanced, you can achieve it with the help of curtains and blinds. 

Modern houses and apartments generally have floor to ceiling length windows. These windows, although striking, offer minimum privacy. Every now and then, it becomes inevitable to cover them up with curtains. To cover a floor to ceiling area, you need a curtain that is longer than the edges of your window. Take a measuring tape and calculate the length and width of the window frame. As a general rule, the curtain rod must be placed about 4 inches above the window. Installing it right below the ceiling adds a bold effect, with the fabric spreading across an entire wall. 

When it comes to the length of such curtains, it’s entirely up to you. Some people prefer it to remain a few inches from the ground, others want the fabric to spread on the floor. But you must be careful with the width of the curtains. Since the very purpose of a curtain is to spread across an expanse, it has to be significantly bigger. Its width must be 2 or 2.5 times bigger than the width of the window. That way, it can easily slide across the rod when not needed.

Curtains for home for smaller windows

Who doesn’t love a well-lit kitchen? Cooking is always more fun when there’s sufficient light in the room, and you can see all your ingredients clearly. The windows of a kitchen are relatively smaller than the long windows of your living room and bedroom. They need curtains of an appropriate length that keep the space organised. 

While measuring the dimensions for a small window, keep your curtain length exactly, or if not, a little below the bottom edge of the window. In kitchens and bathrooms, cleanliness is of utmost importance. If the curtains crowd the room and do more damage than good, there’s no use putting them on. You can also choose the best colours that match well with the rest of the wall colour scheme. 

These designs are much more practical and serve their purpose well. When you cannot afford to lose much of your wall space, this is certainly the way to go. All you need to do is make sure that the curtain size doesn't overpower the room, and throw the interior off-balance in any way.

Curtains for bedroom ensure privacy

Home is where you’re supposed to feel the most comfortable. To decorate the space in a way that allows you to relax and shut away from the outside world, there are a few essentials that are undebatable. Curtains and blinds top this list of privacy essentials. 

IKEA’s curtains can block out the necessary amount of light and keep your house sufficiently lit. Linen curtains are relatively lighter in texture. These are perfect when you want more brightness. Although thin and translucent, the fabric blocks the view of your home from the outside. A great feature to have if you’re living in a compact apartment or 1 bhk, where privacy is just as important as letting in those morning sun rays.

We also have a wide range of room darkening curtains made of velvet and polyester. These designs retain maximum privacy all through the day, and even at nights. It establishes a soothing environment, which is a great feature to have in your bedroom. The velvet creates a royal decor and adds depth to the windows and walls. Its thickness helps dampen the sound from outside, giving you a sound sleep every night. 

IKEA’s curtains that prevent people from seeing into your homes, also give a polished touch to your home. The dense texture regulates the weather conditions to a certain extent, and makes for a luxurious aesthetic.

IKEA’s curtains for home are easy to clean 

Not only are IKEA’s curtains gorgeous from top to bottom, but they are also easy to maintain. We understand that a weekly washing and scrubbing session for curtains is not always practical. The properties of the fabric used in our curtains keep it in a pristine condition for weeks, or even months on end. 

A curtain covers a significant portion of the wall. The stains or dirt on it can be spotted very easily even from a distance. Most of our products are made from polyester and cotton, making it suitable for a machine wash. A mild cleanser or a detergent can remove dirt marks without much effort on your end. 

When your curtains look fresh, it improves the appearance of windows. They act as decorative borders and beautify the space. Some regular dusting every now and then can keep these curtains for home just as stunning as the day you bought them.

A striking aesthetic with curtains for drawing room 

Want to redecorate your drawing room in a budget friendly way? Buying new curtains is the most affordable way of amping up your interiors. It’s manageable, comes with quick installation, and utilises a great portion of the walls. Know what your personal style is and have fun choosing the best set of curtains. 

Something bright and lively can always lift your spirits. IKEA’s curtains come in shades of yellow and orange to brighten up your day. These match well with a cheery room aesthetic that has a lot of colours. A vibrant shade for your curtains will keep the energy at an all time high, and also keep your home secure from onlookers. 

Prints and patterns can never go wrong on curtains. Earthy designs, shapes, lines, or any other pattern, a fabric with artistic expression makes for an attractive room decor. If you are looking for something old-fashioned yet classy, IKEA’s curtains with traditional prints are the way to go. These are heavily inspired from the Indian styles and can look amazing when paired with wooden furniture. 

Pastels, or a delicate colour scheme looks elegant. Soft-hued curtains maintain a well-balanced brightness inside the house and merge smoothly with the background. These shades can often feel like they have healing properties. They are pleasing to the eye and create a warm atmosphere inside the room.

Knowing the different types of curtain textures

How a material feels also determines its appearance and durability. Choosing the right curtain fabric is just that. It’s about understanding your requirements and matching it with a material that fulfils those requirements. 

IKEA’s cotton curtains are one of the most sustainable additions to your home. They last for a long time and need minimum maintenance. What’s more is that these designs match with any kind of interior, and block out only the required amount of light. 

Velvet curtains look sophisticated and complement a heavy room decor. Large rooms with wide window frames need these curtains to match their grandeur. Even though it looks majestic, velvet demands more attention when it comes to retaining its quality. These curtains can either be machine washed, or dry cleaned, depending upon the individual instructions for each product.

Lastly, linen and polyester curtains are the best choice if you want to have more brightness inside the room. Light textured and pale, this fabric adds a graceful touch to the windows. For a minimalistic interior, with limited furniture pieces, go for the linen and polyester curtains available at IKEA.