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Gaming furniture

Gaming setups that support you while you conquer alternate worlds

The best gaming chair helps you forget where you are seated. Our gaming chairs keep you so well supported that you can immerse yourself in gameplay for long hours without feeling any discomfort. Our gaming desks comfortably house all your equipment while also being comfortable to use. 

Gaming chairs for optimal performance and maximum style

Whether you need a chair for your gaming station or your study spot, a gaming chair is a fantastic choice. Ergonomic and comfortable, our gaming chairs come in different styles too.

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A purple/black STYRSPEL gaming chair in front of a desk with two monitors and ring lights on top, framed by blue LED light.
A grey/red STYRSPEL gaming chair on top of a round, light-grey plinth that’s in front of a black and white checked wall.
A Bomstad white MATCHSPEL gaming chair standing on a wooden floor with green-blue HANNALENA room darkening curtains behind.
A Bomstad black MATCHSPEL gaming chair in front of an UTESPELARE gaming desk that has two monitors and a keyboard on top.
A Bomstad grey UTESPELARE gaming chair in front of a desk holding two monitors, a ring light and a white NYMÅNE work lamp.
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A young man with headphones on and his hands up in the air sits in a STYRSPEL gaming chair in front of two screens.

Level up with the right gaming furniture

The IKEA gaming range keeps growing. Meet the newest player – STYRSPEL gaming chair.

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A black UTESPELARE gaming desk with two screens, a black gaming chair, a black drawer unit and various gaming accessories.

Getting your gaming solution just right

Your gaming desk is somewhere you will spend long hours, so it’s important to get the comfort, ergonomics and functionality you need. And of course, the right extras can also help make things more enjoyable.

All the gaming accessories you need and more

A wide gaming mouse pad for stability, a ring light with phone holder to get that glow, and an accessories stand to lend a helping hand. All these gaming accessories (and more) make for a smoother and more fun gaming experience.

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A black UPPSPEL drawer unit on castors with gaming accessories on top and one drawer open showing accessories inside.
A desk with gaming accessories on a black UPPSPEL pegboard combination, and a headset on a LÅNESPELARE accessories stand.
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Perfect support for tireless play

Your gaming experience will be more enjoyable if you can sit and play in comfort. Gaming chairs support your entire body whether you are in an upright or reclined position. Gaming furniture is essential to prevent pain and health issues caused by long hours in a seated position. We have designed our gaming furniture with a lot of inputs from experienced gamers. A gaming chair should offer good support for the arms, neck and spine. The ergonomically designed gaming chairs keep your spine aligned and well supported. They also support and position your neck and wrists optimally. Mix and match from our selection of gaming desks and chairs or buy a pre-matched set. When you buy a gaming desk and chair as a set, you can be sure that they will work well together. Gaming in comfort helps you better focus and enjoy your game without posture or health issues.

Great support for your back

Gaming chairs are essential for gamers who spend long hours sitting. Our gaming chairs keep your back properly aligned and prevent hunching forward. A high backrest, neck pillow and adjustable lumbar support provide the maximum back support. Adjustable lumbar support is essential to maintain the right spine curvature. You can use a neck pillow to give your neck all around support and to prevent you from holding your neck at an odd angle when playing.  Pick a neck pillow that has a skin friendly cover and can be laundered regularly. 

Synchronised tilt for better posture

Most office chairs have tilt-adjustable backs that allow you to tilt the backrest. But, a good gaming chair should also have a synchronised tilt feature. This means that when you move the backrest backwards, the seat also gets tilted back. Our gaming chairs with a synchronised tilt move the seat and the backrest together to stabilise your posture in all tilt positions. This prevents tiredness and pain that would result from an improper tilt posture.

Gaming chairs for smaller spaces

Gaming chairs, by definition, are taller and more substantial than smaller office chairs. If you have a smaller space, choose a gaming chair with a mesh back. A mesh chair will provide you back support while also being visually lighter.

Choice of material

Gaming chairs are available in a choice of leather-like and mesh finishing materials. Pick a leather-like material if you want to emphasise the sporty gaming look of your space. The leather-like material is easy to maintain and wipe clean. A mesh chair will encourage more air circulation and keep you cooler in hot climates.

The ultimate gaming desk

Gaming requires more equipment than your standard office PC. Gaming desks should be spacious and deep. Choose a gaming desk with enough room for your equipment. The desk depth helps place the monitor at a healthy distance away from your eyes. Choose a gaming desk that is large enough to accommodate your monitor or TV screen. Our gaming desks feature a contoured tabletop that supports your wrists and forearms. High side panels block sunlight to prevent glare on your gaming screens. Cup holders keep your snacks and beverages handy when you need to refuel while playing. Cable management solutions are essential for tangle-free and tidy cables. Pegs or drawers to store headphones and charging cables are also necessary to keep these items handy but out of the way.