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Baking? Piece Of Cake!

Cake moulds or muffin cups  - whatever deliciousness you’re planning we have something in store for you. Turn baking into fun-time with your kids with our SOCKERKAKA baking mat that comes with easy-to-trace stencils for both kids and adults. The traditional VARDAGEN’s ceramic ramekin is perfect for that yummy lava cake or it could also double up for a bowl of cereal - thanks to its size! Or you could bake that all-time favourite chocolate cake with VARDAGEN’s loose base cake mould. The removable base makes it easy to handle, cut and serve! 

Jars, mixing cups and bowls for baking projects large and small

Baking with the family is a great way to have fun together while you make tasty treats. Enjoy bakeware of all shapes and sizes and open the kitchen door to cooking for the whole family.

A person holds a KORKEN jar with lid, and a child adds chocolate chips to SOMMARFLOX baking cups. Two KORKEN jars are nearby.
A VISPAD mixing bowl with batter is on a worktop. Eggshells and a VARDAGEN measuring jug and measuring cup are nearby.

Let’s start baking for festive fun

The little ones can’t wait to start baking. Help your little baker with kid-friendly bakeware like mixing bowls with rubber rings on the bases to keep them in place and rubber spatulas that don’t scratch your kitchen surfaces.

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A glass and muffin are on a BIRKELÅNGA tray set on a worktop. A VISPAD mixing bowl with a GUBBRÖRA spatula is next to it.
A young boy wearing an apron samples chocolate cake batter on a green GUBBRÖRA spatula from a VISPAD mixing bowl.
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Bakeware to power up your pies

A delicious way to celebrate the colours and tastes of summer is to capture them – in a pie. Be sure to have a non-stick springform pan, measuring cups and accessories standing by for ripe fruits, berries and baking inspiration.

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A kitchen worktop with a freshly made pie in a STRANDFLY springform pan amid baking accessories.
A person holding a freshly made pie in a STRANDFLY springform pan.
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Deliciousness In The Baking 

Cake moulds for that tasty chocolate cake or mini baking cups for those fun-sized muffins - our bakery equipment has everything you need. Use the SOCKERKAKA baking mat to make some creative designs for your cake. You can let your little one help you bake without worrying about sticky worktops. Want to add some fun to baking cookies? Check out our collection of DRÖMMAR pastry cutters that come in little animal shapes that are definitely going to get your little one interested. The extra durable and hard-wearing VARDAGEN loose-base cake tin makes serving easy as the base is removable. It comes with two bases of different shapes, giving you the choice of baking the shape you want. Having a party? Get creative with our collection of SOCKERKAKA silicone baking cups to serve mini cup-cakes - a classic people-pleaser! Don’t forget to browse through our collection of measuring tools so all your ingredients are in perfect proportions.