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Baby chairs & highchairs

Give Your Little One A Seat At The Table 

Not only is it a good way to spend time with your baby, but having them eat at the table also develops their social skills. That’s why our baby chairs & highchairs let you feed the little ones with ease. We’ve designed them with kid-friendly materials and a safety belt to keep your children secure. Our LANGUR highchair grows with your kids on their journey from baby to toddler to kindergartener while the ANTILOP makes it easy to bring them along on weekend outings to restaurants. We’ve also got the LANGUR padded cover to keep your tots comfy as they finish up dinner.

So The Littlest One Isn’t Left Behind For Family Dinners!

Our baby chairs & highchairs let you spend more time with your tot, and because babies learn from adults, having them at your dinner table improves their social skills too. You don’t have to worry them slipping or moving, as we’ve created our baby chairs with a belt to keep your kids secure. Our LANGUR grows with your child - take off the belt and safety insert, and voila, its a small chair for junior. Let them rest their little legs comfortably on the footrests while you keep their feeding bottles and cups on the tray. We’ve also designed the feet to be L-shaped for extra-stability! Or you can check out our BLÅMES. Its detachable tray makes cleaning up, child’s play. And if you miss going to restaurants since the baby, our ANTILOP series of baby chairs & highchairs are easy to assemble and dismantle - take your tot with you when you go out for a bite! The raised edges keep their spills from falling on the table too. You can even add in our LANGUR padded cover to keep your kids extra-cosy. 

Child’s a fussy eater? Our colourful nursing, feeding & eating collection makes your tot’s lunchtime interesting!