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TV & media furniture

Set up your TV and other media devices in your house. Tuck away all those annoying wires and cables and let your storage perfectly blend into your decor with IKEA's stylish TV stand table and media furniture. Your TV and media devices will fit into these TV benches. You can place this TV stand in your living room or bedroom. It will look wonderful either way. These TV units have smooth running drawers and glass doors to showcase your TV. You can pick a TV stand with adjustable shelves and extra room for all your things.  

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More optionsBRIMNES TV storage combination/glass doors 320x41x190 cm (126x16 1/8x74 3/4 ")

BRIMNES TV storage combination/glass doors, black, 320x41x190 cm

More optionsBRIMNES TV storage combination 240x41x190 cm (94 1/2x16 1/8x74 3/4 ")

BRIMNES TV storage combination, black, 240x41x190 cm
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A TV bench that’s part of the art

Let your TV unit blend in with your interiors and create a show-stopping media corner. With a neutral-coloured TV bench, you can set the tone for a dazzling wall display – whether you opt for colourful prints (the black frames tie well with the black TV bench) or serene black and white artworks.

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A black RANNÄS TV bench with glass doors against a pink wall with plenty of colourful art in black frames.
A wall-mounted TV hangs amid framed art over a white HAVSTA TV bench opposite a beige FRIHETEN sofa-bed in a living room.
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A light room with a wall-mounted TV completely framed by a combination of BESTÅ cabinets and various decorations.

Create your favourite TV unit combination

Do you prefer a mix of colours or a sleek and clean monochrome look? The BESTÅ system offers so many options that you can combine to easily get the personal storage solution that’s right for your space.

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No more tripping over TV cables

Don't you just hate it when you or somebody you know stumbles over cables? The cables are everywhere. So when you are setting up your TV in your house, buy a lovely TV stand table from IKEA. With lots of storage space and relief from unruly cables, your TV will be perfectly placed. And no more stumbling over the cables. So, you can sit back and relax while watching your favourite shows and move around freely without fear of tripping. 

You can ensure your TV is in a comfortable position with these media  furniture pieces. You can place your TV remotes, game consoles, DVDs, books, plants, trinkets, or other things to decorate this TV table, in addition always know where they are instead of trying to figure out where they are. IKEA knows that a television set is a loved electronic device in the house and centre of the family room. That's why these TV stands are the best. Your TV viewing experience will be much better with a TV unit wooden. Gather friends and family around. Watch your favourite or the finals match of your favourite sport or be cosy watching a movie at night. 

The TV stand keeps the TV at the right angle, looks gorgeous and is space efficient. There are so many designs to choose from that you are spoilt for choice and you can find all of these while browsing IKEA's collection. There is one for all different requirements for your room size, TV type and other preferences.

What should you look for in TV stand furniture?

You have decided to buy a table for your TV. Great. Here's what you should do before buying one. Choose a place for your TV stand. Where do you want it? Your living room? Your bedroom? Do you have room for a media room in your home? Will sunlight be coming into the room and you need to put a glare on the TV? These things are extremely important to know before you buy a TV stand. 

The size of the TV stand has to be considered. If it is too big, then it will draw too much attention from anything in the room. If it is too small, then it won't make for good viewing pleasure. You need to measure your TV and look at the measurement of the stands available. So that the TV stand fits perfectly in your room. How tall and wide the TV stand matters when decorating your home. 

You need to know the distance between your TV and your sitting place. In your living room, you need to measure the distance between the  sofa or  chair and the TV. And in your bedroom, how much space is there between your bed and the TV? In both rooms, you will need space to walk. Nobody wants to knock their knees on pieces of  furniture every time they walk across, especially while their eyes are on a TV screen. 

The style of the TV stand matters. You want all your furniture to be complementary. Browse through the different colours and styles IKEA offers. There are TV stands made from different materials. 

Do you need space for your video game consoles and other TV accessories? The amount of space on one TV stand differs from another TV stand. So pick out everything you want to put into the TV cabinet for bedroom. Things such as TV remotes, video game consoles, DVDs, books, trinkets, and other items. Just list it up and then choosing something in IKEA will be easy.

Why should you get a TV stand?

A TV stand avoids uncomfortable sitting positions and revolutionises your overall TV viewing experience so it's goodbye to back aches and stiff necks. A TV stand at the right height will be easier on your eyes. So a TV at the correct level for your eyes is best for your health. You will be able to have the correct posture if you are binging your favourite TV shows or doing a movie marathon. Health conscious viewers will be very happy with the IKEA selection.

A TV stand will keep your TV out of easy reach of small children and pets. This will prevent the most common accidents from happening. Your children and pets will be safe and so will your TV! 

A TV is the main focal point of the room. Everybody's eyes automatically go towards the TV. A TV stand increases the aesthetic appeal of the room. A stand is as decorative as it is practical. These days we spend a lot of time in front of a Tv and it can also be used for virtual conferences and business meetings. Let's be practical in choosing a TV stand and combine comfort with aesthetics. 

TV stands come in a large variety of styles. They can also offer extra storage space for you. If you have books these can be accommodated in the same unit. No need to clutter the room. The stands have open shelves, cupboards, drawers, or even a combination. These different kinds of storage options will help you organise your things. You can showcase some of your favourite things while keeping some things hidden away, for example, cables. By hiding certain things, your TV stand will look elegant and the room won't be cluttered.  

What should you put on your TV wall cabinet?

Your TV stand has arrived and you have finished setting it up. Now, what to put on it? First, your TV should be nicely situated on the stand. Finish all your adjusting while somebody else stands far away while giving directions. With IKEA's stand, your TV cables will be out of sight and the cables go down nicely into the TV bench because of the cable outlet.  

These TV stands have open shelves, cupboards, or drawers. TV remotes and video game consoles can easily be kept away from the eyes. The video game consoles, controllers, and games will have a perfect home in these TV stands. So, when you have your next game night with your friends, everything you need is in one place. You can focus all your time on playing video games, instead of looking for all accessories. 

You can put a small plant or a trinket on the top of the stand to showcase your decor. You can optimise and organise your open shelves with boxes and inserts from IKEA. Place some separators in the drawers so that your things are neatly stacked. Coffee table books will be a great addition to the stand. This way your guests can occupy their time while they wait. 

Some of these TV stands have glass doors for the shelves. This is your chance to showcase your style with small sculptures, photo frames, and other small ornaments. Your baubles will be easily viewed and kept safe from clumsy hands. Your favourite movies on DVDs will be safe in the drawers for those special movie nights. The area around the TV will be tidy and classy.

Get TV stands from IKEA today 

All of IKEA's furniture is made with careful thought and design. A lot of thinking and designing goes into making the wide selection of furniture pieces by IKEA. Any raw material used by IKEA is cautiously selected so that you and your loved ones are safe. IKEA always uses resources very respectfully and wisely. No wasteful usage here. All furniture is carefully made and long lasting.

Practicality and elegance are what you get when you buy from IKEA. In the case of TV stands, the drawers have push-opener or soft-closing hinges. The push-opener will let you open the drawers with just a light push, while due to the soft-closing hinges, the drawers close silently and softly. You won't be struggling to open complicated drawers and the drawers won't shut with a loud noise. The carefully placed cable outlet will keep all those cables away from view and from being tangled up. 

Your TV unit for hall will bring the room together with its shape and style. With its spacious drawers, elegant glass doors, extra storage, and chic design, you will receive so many compliments from your family, friends, and guests. You will be able to store all sorts of things and your room will be automatically more organised. Your movie nights and game nights will be full of fun and joy once you have set up your TV in one of these wonderful TV stands from IKEA.  

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