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Laundry & cleaning

Elevate your everyday routine

it’s the small things that make a big difference in your everyday laundry and cleaning routine. Our cleaning accessories have small but smart ideas such as lids and fabrics that cope with odours, telescopic mop handles, or ironing boards and foldable laundry stands that make the most of your space.

Chores Get Done In No Time With A Well Organised Setup

Put on some music and breeze through your chores with our collection of laundry & cleaning accessories. The KNARRA laundry bag looks good enough to be on display and can carry up to 5 kg of laundry. And air dry your laundry with the MULIG drying rack that easily folds away when not in use. The DÄNKA ironing board is adjustable and very stable to make ironing so much easier. And to keep your home spick and span check out our collection of cleaning accessories.

Waste bins

Store away, sort away, throw away

Our recycling bins, trash cans and bags make sorting and storing a breeze and help create instant order from all that stuff that always seems to magically appear. A lot of our bags are foldable, saving you space when not in use. And most of our bins and bags have handles to make them easy to transport.

To Make Your Chores (And Your Day) Go Smoothly!

Add a touch of organisation to get laundry & cleaning done in a jiffy. Even if you do not have a separate utility room, you can create a separate area for your laundry with the JÄLL ironing board and drying racks that fold away neatly after use. The JÄLL laundry bag folds up to be easy to carry to the washing machine and is easy to put away when not in use. The MJÖSA pedal bins and the GIGANTISK touch top bin are good looking and practical solutions to manage the waste. The KUNGSFORS dish drainer can be placed by your kitchen sink or wall-mounted. It has a removable tray that collects water and the spikes can be folded down to convert it into a shelf. And the horse-shaped SNABBAKAT sponge and SNAJDIG duster come in bright colours that add a touch of whimsy and bring a smile to your face in the middle of your chores.