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Small storage & organisers

Let’s Get Tidy

Practical small storage organizers to keep everything in your home organised - from your bathroom to your wardrobe. Why let the dust settle under your bed when you can turn that space into something more functional? Check out the MALM bed storage box that you can easily slide under your bed to store extra bed linen or clothes. And to keep your desk organised we have the SKÅDIS pegboards - add accessories like small shelves or letter holders to keep all your important knick-knacks close at hand. Or check out the NORDANA handmade basket that is perfect for anywhere in your home - use it in your living room to store magazines or in your bathroom to store extra towels - it just fits in anywhere!

The new PLOGFÅRA storage box makes clutter disappear while looking good too

This decorative metal box has a classic design, fine details, and a creamy colour that adds style to your space while keeping it neat. Easily stackable, you can gather cords, work items and documents – the set of 2 boxes fits A4 and letter-sized paper perfectly – and utilise the space in cabinets and shelves.

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Three beige PLOGFÅRA storage boxes with lids are placed on a ledge wall, with two headphones stored in one.
    A PLOGFÅRA storage box and a set of two PLOGFÅRA storage boxes with lids are placed on the bottom shelf of a bookcase.
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      Achieve instant zen with neat storage cases and shoe boxes

      A couple of versatile HEMMAFIXARE storage cases and shoe boxes is all it takes to achieve that satisfying feeling of order. Simply store clothes, shoes and home textiles that you don’t often use and tuck them away, freeing up space and creating calm in your room.

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      HEMMAFIXARE storage cases with clothing in them and HEMMAFIXARE shoe boxes with shoes are placed neatly in a wardrobe.
        Two HEMMAFIXARE shoe boxes with their flaps open, revealing a pair of sneakers and a pair of flats in each box.
        Two HEMMAFIXARE storage cases are stacked on top of each other on a shelf, with one partly unzipped showing folded clothing.
        An unzipped HEMMAFIXARE storage case with folded clothing in it is placed on top of a 3-seat sofa-bed.
        A striped white and grey HEMMAFIXARE storage case is partly unzipped, with a folded chunky knit sweater in it.
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        Organizing Just Got Easier 

        With our collection of small storage organisers, it’s easy to keep your home organised be it your living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Underbed storage, boxes for your wardrobe, or pegboards to keep your desk organised - we thought of everything a home would need to stay organised. Tuck away your extra bed linen or pillows under your bed with our MALM storage box. They’re easy to roll in or out - thanks to the castors on its base. And to keep all your cables in check we have the ROMMA cable management box that conveniently hides all your cables, sockets, and extension leads giving you a clutter-free room. And for your home office, nothing is more fitting than the SKÅDIS pegboard - you can choose a ready-made combination or pick accessories to make your own to suit your storage needs. And when it comes to storing food nothing compares to the GULKREMLA stainless tin - durable and easy to clean - this one will be your trusty companion in the kitchen always!

        Check out our storage solution systems like PAX and PLATSA for customizable storage solutions for your entire home!