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Children's storage & organisation

Make More Room For Toys 

Let your kids help you tidy up after playtimes over. The TROFAST children storage series is a practical solution to organising toys. The low wooden frames, guide rails and light plastic boxes make tidying up an easy job. To brighten up your kid's bedroom, we have the FLYTTBAR storage series - unique, colourful and fun, just like your little one! The mini wardrobes from the BUNSUNGE series are designed so your kids have easy access to their clothes and accessories. This also means they can help you keep it organised!

Children’s storage grows up

Your children can hone their organising skills when they hit their teens with these new additions to the TROFAST family. The mesh storage boxes and storage tray come in a choice of cool colours, and are perfect for giving things like clothing, tools, jewellery or other nick-nacks a handy home.

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A number of white TROFAST frames on the floor and wall filled with grey storage trays and mesh storage boxes holding clothes.
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The SMÅSTAD system – storage for your growing kids

Are you looking for storage that suits your kids today and is easy to adapt and add to as they grow? Meet the SMÅSTAD system.

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Three white SMÅSTAD wall cabinets on a blue wall with the door of the middle cabinet slightly open showing games inside.
The pull-out unit on a SMÅSTAD wardrobe with two LÄTTHET hooks and clips on it holding a string of beads and some photos.
A white SMÅSTAD wardrobe with pull-out unit in a child’s room with clothes on the hanging rail and a bag leaning against it.
Three NÖJSAM boxes containing soft toys sit inside a SMÅSTAD box which has been pulled out from under a SMÅSTAD bench.
A young person reading and lying sideways on a SMÅSTAD bench with toy storage that’s in front of a window and by a bookcase.
See the SMÅSTAD system
A child playing with toy cars in a bedroom with MOSSLANDA picture ledges on the wall holding toys, paper models and bottles.

Helping your kids keep things organised

It’s easier for everyone when your kids can find their toys, clothes and books themselves. Here are lots of ideas to help them keep things tidy and organised, so they have more time to play.

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Children’s systems and series

From wardrobes, cabinets and more to wooden furniture and toy storage.

SMÅSTAD system – Storage and more for your growing children
FLISAT series – Wooden furniture for kids, made from solid pine
TROFAST toy storage series – Easy to use toy storage with plastic boxes that fit into wooden frames

Storage Options That Suit You And Your Little Adult 

Teaching kids to clean up after themselves is a step towards raising responsible adults. Which is why we offer a collection of practical toy storage options that your child can easily access. The TROFAST toy storage and organisation series is specially designed for children's use. The guide rails on the wooden frames let your child slide the light plastic boxes in and out with ease. The FLISAT toy storage with wheels makes it easy for your little one to pick up her toys as she rolls it to the next room. Add some colour and fun to their bedroom with the FLYTTBAR children storage series. It easily fits under your their beds and is the perfect way to store their toys. When it comes to children’s wardrobes we have designed something especially fitting for your little one. The BUSUNGE series wardrobe comes with adjustable shelves and clothes rails so you can change it as your child grows. You can also pick a children’s bed from the BUSUNGE series that’s extendable so it lasts you for a long time. 

Now that you've figured out the perfect storage solutions and units to organise your children's lives, it's time to up the ‘fun’ quotient in your kids' bedrooms by exploring our exciting range of beds, mattresses, and bedroom textiles.