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Nursing, feeding & eating

Make Your Little One’s Dining Experience Fun


For every nursing, feeding and eating need, IKEA has a variety of baby feeding products that are made just for little ones. The HEROISK plate is divided into three compartments that make it easy to use for children who are learning to eat by themselves. The MATA training beakers have a spout and a handle on either side so that babies can hold it and drink out of it with ease. We also have bibs like the MATVRÅ that are waterproof and have a pocket in the front to catch any spilled food. 

Made Just For Your Little One


At IKEA, we understand that you want the best for your little one. That’s why our baby tableware section with bowls, plates, cups, spoons and more has been designed so you can give the best to your bundle of joy. The HEROISK plates come in two designs - one with divisions and one without. They come in bright colours that will surely make your tiny tot happy. And what’s more, they can also be stacked while storing to save space. And check out the MATA training beakers to teach your child how to drink out of cups. These sippy cups have handles that are easy to grip with their little hands. And the KLADDIG bib is the perfect solution to protect your kid’s clothes while nursing, feeding, and eating. You don’t have to worry about your baby outgrowing it too quickly because it has an adjustable neck, practical hook-and-loop fastening and long sleeves with elastic

Mealtime time can be messy, so time for a clean up. Check out our collection of baby bathing and changing products.