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Kitchenware & tableware

Make cooking fun

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See cookware

Trays make table settings vibrant and efficient

Brighten up your table for breakfast, lunch or dinner with colourful serving trays. They give a vibrant look to your settings and make serving quicker, easier and fun.

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A table set with IKEA 365+ plates in white, HAJMAL trays in striped multicolour and IHÅLLIG place mats in natural/seagrass.
A HAJMAL tray in striped/multicolour with a HAJMAL glass, two IKEA 365+ plates in white and KORKEN bottles with stopper.
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Setting the table right, pick the plates to impress

The kitchen collection that gives your kitchen flavour

Everything from jars, bottles and chopping boards to gift bags and napkins, and even a colourful apron to make sure you stay as neat and tasty as your kitchen. This kitchen collection is your recipe for coordinated cooking.

See the KRÖSAMOS collection
See the KRÖSAMOS collection

New kitchen kit for on-the-go healthy lunches

These stylish and affordable kitchen utensils, lunch bags and tiffin tins turn your kitchen into a healthy and handy lunch factory. Make your food, food goes in the tin, drink goes in the bottle, tin and bottle go in the lunch bag, couldn’t be easier.

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A FÖRSKAFFA insulated tiffin box with 2 tiers in stainless steel, a FORMSKÖN water bottle and a patterned FLADDRIG lunch bag.
An APTITLIG butcher’s block in bamboo, a VÖRDA utility knife in black and a stainless steel FÖRSKAFFA insulated tiffin box.
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Discover some of our most popular series

RINNIG series – Organising the area around the sink
IDEALISK series – Durable and reliable stainless-steel utensils
IKEA 365+ series – Meets all your needs at home with timeless and smart design
KORKEN series – Glass jars for preserving and displaying
VARDAGEN cookware series – Traditional cast iron cookware

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