Modular fabric sofas

Kid’s Messy Hands And Your Tea Spill - Sofas That Brave Them All

The best thing about choosing our modular fabric sofas is that the covers are removable and washable, so your days of worrying about stains and spills are over. Take your pick of colours, materials, and finishes to suit your taste and decor. Our modular sofa units, from the super-comfortable GRÖNLID to the space-saving VALLENTUNA and modern DELAKTIG, can be combined as per your wishes. You can even add more units if you move into a larger home or feel the need for more seating room.

More Seating Space? Different Colour? Sofas That Let You Choose!

With our modular fabric sofas, you can easily adapt your seating to your needs. Choose colours and materials that blend with your living room's look. You can remove the covers, so it’s easy to clean them if you happen to spill your evening tea. Unsure about what kind of combination you need? Our SÖDERHAMN sofa sections look great free-standing as well. Get a stylish chaise lounge or armchair and add more single units if desired. We’ve designed them with an elastic weave in the bottom that promises comfort. Or you can get our GRÖNLID module that comes with a deep seat and movable back cushions, so you feel extra cosy. Low on space? The VALLENTUNA range of modular fabric sofas come with storage for your pillows and throws within them. You can push them into a corner or convert them into a sofa-bed - our VALLENTUNA makes the best use of your space. And if you like a modern, fluid home, our DELAKTIG units are super-customisable - arrange the units the way you fancy. Want a headrest? Or backrest? It’s all up to you!

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