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Leisure & travel

Small things make a big difference, both to your life at home and outside your home too. Discover our leisure and travel products like bicycle accessories, books, games, backpacks and lots more, and give a bit extra activity to your leisure activities. So have fun, live more actively and be inspired.

Backpacks & messenger bags

For Road Trips And Game Nights

Got free time on your hands? Whether you like to go outdoors or unwind at home, we’ve got everything you need to make your leisure & travel time fun. You can choose from our backpacks and umbrellas when you decide to head out or keep yourself entertained with our collection of board games and coffee table books. Want to get a new hobby? Try scrapbooking with our stationery and paper shop range or create something beautiful for your friends or family and wrap it up with our wrapping paper, gift bags & accessories.

New @ IKEA

Summer Vacations To Scrapbooking On Rainy Days - We’ve Got It All Covered

Indulge in some much-needed rest and relaxation with our leisure & travel accessories. It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoorsy person or someone who likes to stay cosy inside, we’ve got the right stuff for you. Grab our backpacks, travel kits, and accessories when you head out - they store everything you need on a weekend trip just where you want them. We’ve even got a rain poncho and umbrella if the weather doesn’t agree with your travel plans. And if you like staying at home, we’ve got coffee table books to keep your boredom away and children’s books to keep the little ones occupied while you put your feet up. Having a family night or friends coming over? Gather around with our fun board games. And if you’re thinking of flexing your artistic muscles, there’s our paper shop range that indulges the artist in you. Maybe you’ll even whip an emotional scrapbook for gifting someone special. We’ve got the gift bags and paper to wrap it up in any case.