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Drawer units

Smart drawer units that are as cleverly designed as they are good looking

Our collections offer you smart storage drawer units that take the pain out of keeping your paperwork and supplies organised and in order. The simple clean lines make them easy to match with different office decor styles. The elegant GALANT drawer unit has a combination lock system that lets you secure your files. The GALANT unit can be extended vertically with a stackable add-on unit. Choose from the ALEX collection that has a choice of widths and height to best suit your need.

Drawer units for anywhere-you-need-it storage

Working from the dining table or the sofa? A drawer unit with castors with all your work things can roll in with you in the morning and be tucked away easily when the day is done. It’s also great for storing and organising makeup, bags and other items.

See all drawer units
See all drawer units

Versatile Drawer Cabinets That Make Even Filing Fun

Our beautifully smooth and silent drawers open easily even when full and cannot fall out. Our beautiful ALEX and GALANT units would be equally at home as boardroom or bedroom drawers There are choices of wide and deep drawers as well as stackable narrow units for compact spaces. The drawer unit from the ALEX collection can even be used with rubber stops over it to support a desk while the MICKE drawers can be combined with a desk from the same collection to extend your working area. Check out the BEKANT drawer unit that can double up as a seat whenever you need one. Also, its design features small holes that make it convenient to pass through your chargers and computer cables. Looking for something sleek to match your decor? Then check out the ERIK drawer unit that can be locked to keep out curious hands. Pick from our range of drawer inserts from the KUGGIS collection to better organise your drawers.