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Drawer units

Stylish and smart drawer units for your workstation

A messy work desk can affect your productivity. At IKEA, we offer a range of drawer units to help you keep your space tidy and organized. Shop now.

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Drawer units for anywhere-you-need-it storage

Working from the dining table or the sofa? A drawer unit with castors with all your work things can roll in with you in the morning and be tucked away easily when the day is done. It’s also great for storing and organising makeup, bags and other items.

See all drawer units
      See all drawer units

      Buy stylish drawer units for your home and office

      These spacious storage solutions let you keep all your supplies handy so you never have to waste precious time hunting for things. The stylish multi drawer storage units come in a range of designs to match your room decor. From stackable drawer storage boxes to options with locker drawers, we have it all!  

      Need some extra storage but have no space for a sizable chest of drawers? A smart and elegant IKEA drawer is just what you’re looking for. From compact 2-drawer storage units to spacious 9-tier ones, we offer a range of drawer units for you to choose from. 

      Take the pain out of moving your furniture around by opting for a drawer with castors. Or choose one with open storage space at the top for keeping regularly used items handy. You can slide your storage drawer unit under your desk or add one ( right beside it to extend your work surface. 

      Selecting a drawer unit for your space

      The right drawer unit can make it so easy to keep your space clean. Plus, a stylish multipurpose drawer rack will be a wonderful addition to your decor. To help you make the right decision, here is a list of things you should look for while choosing a drawer unit. 

      Choose according to your storage requirements

      How do you plan to use your drawer unit? Will you be using it for a few extra supplies? Or maybe you want to keep it in your dressing area  to store your clothes and accessories? A 2-tier office chest of drawers or drawer unit is sufficient for keeping files and documents. If you need more space, opt for 4-drawer storage. But if you are short on storage space in your home office or bedroom, a drawer unit with 6 or more drawers will be a better fit. But before you finalise an option, check its dimension to ensure it will sit well in the given space. 

      Consider the room decor

      You don’t want your new drawer unit to look out of place in your room, right? This makes it very important to consider the decor and colour scheme of your space before buying a home or office chest of drawers. Colours like beige and white go well with almost any type of interiors. They work well for a more modern setup. 

      If you have wooden furniture in the room, choose a unit with wood finish. Colours like golden brown and grey turquoise are great choices when you want to add a subtle dash of colour to your space.

       There is no rule that says every piece of furniture in a room should have the same colour or finish. But do make sure that the drawer unit you choose complements the overall theme of the space. IKEA brings you a variety of modern and minimalist designs in home and office drawer units. Choose from a range of colours and designs and pick an option that’ll go well with the interiors of your room. 

      Pick the right material for your drawer unit

      Drawer units constructed with particle board and fiberboard are pretty easy to clean and maintain. These are impressively sturdy and can easily withstand heavy use. Plus, they come in a range of aesthetic styles and colours and can blend well with any room decor. 

      If you are looking for something more affordable, a steel office drawer unit might be a better option for you. You can find a variety of styles and designs in steel drawer units too. To get a more urban and elegant look, go for options that are a mix of engineered wood and steel! 

      Keep your belongings safe with combination lock systems

      IKEA offers a collection of drawer units with a smart lock feature to keep your files and documents safe. Install a locker drawer in your office and you’ll never have to worry about leaving the important stuff unguarded. You can  place them in your bedroom to store jewellery or other expensive items. 

      We also have officer desk drawer options you can use to create a customized workstation at home. All you have to do is combine your drawer units with a tabletop and you’ll have your very own table with drawers for the office. 

      Our compact multi drawer storage units with castor wheels make it easier to move your stuff wherever you want. Use it to store your supplies and place them under your work table. And whenever you feel like you need a change of scenery, you can take everything you need with you! 

      Revamping your workspace on a budget? Our affordable and sturdy steel office desk drawers can help make your space more functional and aesthetic. No matter what your requirements are, there is an IKEA multipurpose drawer rack for everyone! 

      A combination of style and function

      All of IKEA drawer units operate silently and are easy to pull out even when full. Since they come with drawer stops, you don’t have to worry about the drawer falling out! But there is more to these masterpieces than just function. 

      The drawer units at IKEA come with a perfect finish at the back. There is no need to push your drawer unit to the furthest corner of the room. It looks beautiful on all sides and can be kept anywhere in the room. Just use a damp cloth to clean your drawer unit regularly  and it’ll remain as good as new for years to come. 


      How do I know what size drawer I need?

      To choose a drawer unit, think of how much space you need for storage as well as the space where you plan to install the unit. Decide how many storage drawers you require and then measure the floor area. Check the dimensions of the unit to make sure it’ll sit well in the desired space. 

      How to choose the right drawer unit?

      While buying a drawer unit for your space, consider things like material, size, storage space, style, and colour. You can also choose stackable drawer storage boxes that can be customized according to your needs. 

      What do I need for my workstation?

      An ideal home workstation has a comfortable chair and a spacious and sturdy desk. To keep your desk tidy and to ensure what you need is within arms reach, install a drawer unit in the space. 

      Where should drawers be placed in a bedroom?

      That depends on how you’ve arranged the room. Low multi drawer storage can be kept beside the bed as bedside tables. If your work table is in your bedroom, you can keep the unit beside or under the table. You can also keep it beside your dresser for keeping your jewellery, makeup etc. 

      What are better drawers or shelves?

      Shelving works better for storing big and bulky items. For small, medium or irregularly shaped items, drawer units are a more practical option. Storing files and paperwork in drawers will keep them safe. Things like jewellery, extra stationery, or precious items are better stored in drawers. 

      What material is best for drawers?

      Drawer units come in a range of materials including wood, engineered wood, plastic and steel. Both wood and engineered wood drawer units are sturdy and stylish. Wood units might be a little costly. Steel units are durable, easy to maintain and come in a range of contemporary designs. If budget is an issue, pick plastic storage drawer units.