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Coat racks

Storage for shoes and coats

The entrance to your home sets the tone for the rest of the home. In addition to being warm and welcoming, it is also the room where you transition to being at home. Adequate storage for your footwear, coats and outer garments adds to the usefulness of this space.  Storage near the entrance makes it easy for everyone to put away their items as soon as they enter the house. 

Footwear storage

Most people prefer to remove their footwear when they enter their homes. Even those who do not, usually have different sets of footwear for outside use. You may have a dedicated enclosed shoe rack to house your entire shoe collection. But an open shoe rack by the door keeps your regular use footwear safe and out of the way. It keeps them aired out for freshness. Shoe racks by the door are also useful when you have guests over. Footwear neatly stacked on the racks prevents a pile of footwear beside your front door. 

Seating by the doorway

Changing or putting on footwear is so much easier when seated. A bench by your doorway invites you to sit down and change your footwear at ease. If your foyer is small, choose one of our designs that combines storage with seating. An integrated design saves space without compromising on features. Secure a taller unit to the wall with appropriate fixing devices to prevent tipping over. 

Slim design

Smaller homes result in precious little space in entryways. Our slim designs help you add functionality to your foyer without crowding the space. If you do not have a separate foyer for your entrance, a simple wall mounted coat rack or hanger by the front door is essential. 


Scarves and bags are also essentials that we usually need to grab before we go out. A wall hanger that holds these items near the entrance makes it very convenient to keep these items handy. Our vertical designs will easily fit on the wall behind your front door. The items will be out of sight but close at hand.

Hat racks

Hat racks are essential to store hat boxes. While we do not often use hats, hat boxes can be used as a catch-all for shoe cleaning and other essentials. You can also store your special occasion shoes in attractive shoeboxes on a rack. The boxes look decorative and you have all your shoes easily accessible by the front door. 

Coat hangers

Some of us prefer to quickly hang our coats on a knob or a hook. However, some coats are better stored on a hanger so that they do not lose their shape. If you have the space, you can install one coat hanger with knobs and another for hangers. Else, choose from our designs that allow you to use hangers as well as hooks in the same unit.

Integrated and separate units

If you use a lot of coats and shoes, a full length integrated coat rack is essential. However, if space is at a premium, pair a wall mounted coat rack with a bench under it. It is easier to choose a matching seat from the same collection. It will be visually lighter and yet, give you the same functionality. 

Essential foyer storage solutions

A functional entryway needs ample storage. When we enter our homes, we need a landing space for our outerwear, footwear and other items. A foyer without storage is bound to create a mess of shoes, bags and coats that need to be put away. It is also easier to leave the house quickly when all the essentials are right by the front door.