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BEKANT system

More Comfort Equals More Concentration In Employees

We at IKEA believe that the more comfortable your employees are, the greater their performance at work. That’s why we’ve designed our BEKANT system to make your office spaces more efficient. We’ve got desks that allow you to change positions between sitting and standing, those with screens for privacy, and spacious worktops with a cable management system to keep those pesky wires and cords out of your way. You can even customise your desk - choose the tabletop and underframe you want. And if you need a place for your computers, documents, and other stationery, we’ve got storage units too. Bonus points for durability!

Designed To Make Work Convenient

Keep your workspace neat, practical, and comfortable with our durable BEKANT system of office desks and storage. You can get the BEKANT sit-stand desks for your employees. Frequently changing positions keep them active while the generous worktop gives has enough space for their computers, files, and more. We’ve also added a privacy screen - it absorbs sounds and doubles as a pin-board for them to hang their notes. Want to call the team in for a meeting? Use our BEKANT conference table. You can put two units together to make a larger one! The white melamine is also stain-resistant, in case of any spills during your coffee break. And if you want to give a presentation, the storage units from our BEKANT system come with castors - easy for you to roll around the projectors into different cabins. We let you customise your space too! Choose a BEKANT tabletop, say for a corner space, add a BEKANT underframe to match, and fix it at a height you like.

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