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BEKANT office desks

Work Doesn’t Have To Be Tiresome

For the budding entrepreneurs and work from home enthusiasts, a comfortable desk means more productivity - our BEKANT office desks provide just that. We keep your fitness in mind and have designed our desks to let you either sit and stand according to your convenience. You can get the BEKANT desk with a screen for your employees or the corner desk for your home office. We’ve even got desk combinations that you can add together to create a conference table out of regular office desks.

Standing desks? Is that a right choice?

Standing desks, or adjustable standing desks, do have some clear benefits. Shifting positions is often considered key to avoiding back, neck and leg pain.

With a standing desk, you can also reduce time spent sitting. This can be a great improvement for your health, since large amounts of time spent sitting can have adverse health effects.

Do standing desks burn calories?

Standing at your desk does burn more calories than sitting. But only slightly. The greatest benefit of standing desks is that it allows you to avoid sitting for long stretches. This, and that changing positions is good for your neck and back. If you’re looking to burn a few more calories, you’ll get better results by taking a short walk during your break.

Get some office chairs to go along with your desk, and your workstation is complete.