VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "
VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "
VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "
VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "
VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "
VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "
VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "
VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "
VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "
VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "

If you’ve ever struggled with complicated curtain rail systems you’ll appreciate this one. It’s easy to assemble and it’s very flexible, so you can hang curtains even in the trickiest spaces.

Article Number202.991.55

Product details

The rail can be mounted to the wall or ceiling using appropriate fittings.You can use the included connectors to extend the rail for a longer solution. The rail can be mounted to the wall or ceiling using brackets, sold separatelyThe rail can be cut to the desired length with a hacksaw.By using several layers of curtains, you can create privacy day and night, block or let in sun and light, reduce noise from outside, and reduce the use of heating and cooling.Includes: 1 triple track rail (length, 55⅛"), 2 connectors and 2 end caps.Scan the QR code on the assembly instruction to see how easily you can get your curtains in place.Two ceiling or wall fixtures are needed for one 55⅛" track rail. To build a longer track rail, add another fixture for every 55⅛" for stability; sold separately.Designer

David Wahl

Article Number202.991.55
  • Rail:Aluminum, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    End cap:Polypropylene
    Plastic fitting:Reinforced polyamide
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • VIDGATriple curtain railArticle Number202.991.55
    Width: 2 "Height: 1 ¼ "Length: 60 "Weight: 2 lb 0 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

55 "
Max. load: 
22 lb


The white VIDGA looks cheap.DANREYWished that IKEA still carried the silver aluminum Kvartal.3
Easy to use and set-uptraceeI had bought these in the past for my curtains and love the concept of how easy it is to add more rods. Nice way to make sure everything is even.5
Super easy installSpidy1223I replaced a panel curtain set from competitor that was made for 6 ‘ patio door. I bought triple tracks and single tracks to do 5 panels on my 8 ‘ patio door . The product after cutting and installing all hardware it works flawlessly5
PerfectMartinSeymourEasy to put up. Runners move so smoothly. I be making repeated purchases for other windows.5
Works greatKmdespotI installed this a month ago and it works great. The only reason it isn’t getting five stars is in the difficulty in sizing. You need a hack saw (yes, I had one but most people wouldn’t.) and then you need a metal file to file that cut end smooth. Not exactly the easiest install compared to all other IKEA products.4
It’s coolHarry81I bought , it’s look cool but I think price it’s to hight ! Sins u have to buy all this little pieces separated4
Works and Looks Great!Anonymous reviewerFollowed the simple video and instructions for ceiling mounting the triple rail. Worked great, don't know what those other reviewers problems were, unless they weren't following the instructions its pretty hard to mess up. We live in a century modern with 11- 20' long walls with floor to ceiling windows. The toughest part was cutting the end pieces to size, I used a small sawzall, be careful to protect the metal from scratching though.5
As expectedcasujoInstalled yesterday, just what I was expecting.5
Great track. Easy to installCherylvisionI replaced an old model IKEA curtain track with this new one. Found I could use the same bracket placement and one of the two screws holes for each bracket. Bought the little jig to easily saw one of the tracks to the right length. Sent together easily, looks and works great. Highly recommend!5
Difficult to install but now that we know how..PepperSamWe have been to the store in Oregon and Washington. Both times very difficult to find assistance and three times have been misguided. Lots of pieces to return and still do not have a the right parts. Too late to go the triple rail route and are doing three single tracks. More expensive.3
Easy to slideCalifornia1972I love the rail system and am still trying to figure out the tricks to making our panels more seamless4
Damaged. May be able to fix.JRTROne end is bent. I may still be able to use it. Can't tell yet. Check both ends before deciding which end to shorten.4
arainey0123I love these rods. Easy to install and work great for my boat windows5
22192Love the unobtrusiveness and ease of mounting/use.4
Not a great designAmanda19When the panels are hanging, the tracks on this rail are not far enough apart to allow the curtain panels to glide smoothly past each other. This rail only hangs from the ceiling. You can't attach it to the walls if you need to, which most people probably don't. It's just good to know. The rail only comes in white. If you buy a dark panel you can spray paint it, but there are a lot of little pieces that will still be whilt.1
Don"t let the bad reviews scare you!shoppinginvegasI bought the triple rail system about a month ago. When I read the reviews I was a little hesitant to buy it because of the problems people had with the rails not sliding past each other and getting hung up. Well I figured I could live with that over ugly vertical blinds. So I came home and installed them. I admit it took me a while to get the curtains in the rails evenly and that was a bit of a pain. Plus the directions leave a little bit to be desired. That is where the rails not sliding past each other problem stems from. The directions just show a picture of a clip you are supposed to instal with an arrow. It doesn't tell you how far into the rail you should instal it. So I just took a guess. After the curtain system was all hung it looked 10000 times better than vertical blinds but I did have the problem with the plastic parts catching and not sliding properly. In walks husband and I complain saying the reviews were right they don't slide properly. So he looks at it and says, well I am pretty sure they are not supposed to slide past each other. They are designed so when you open one curtain, they catch and all slide open. So he moved the plastic clips a bit in the rails and now it is perfect! I grab the rod of the first curtain, slide it open and it catches the other so they all open and close together. It works and looks great. I would just suggest ikea work on their directions so people don't have to guess how to make it work correctly.4
Nice LookMKCSBought 4 panels for bedroom window. Since panels were extra long, could cut them and they were long enough Def need to watch utube video. Def need two people to make the job easier.5
Loved it so much - bought more!RobehrIkea is 2 hours from where we live -- loved the product so much drove back the following weekend and bought 2 more!5
Hack it for ceiling mounting with drill and screwsmuddyfootMy closet door is a strange size so I'm using the Vidga system as a door. My main complaint is the ceiling mounts are useless. They slide right out on the triple rail. I had to measure and drill 2 holes in the middle tack to mount it directly to the door frame.3
looks good, but nightmare building and installingCAF555We bought these as n inexpensive holdover until the wife can decide on patio door shades or other. It's a typical Ikea build with instructions very sketchy and tolerances o pack the material into the metal holder very tight. I needed to adjust sagging, bunching and overall length of each piece numerous times. I finally gave in and allowed a mismatch length for all 6 panels.They do look very nice when up, but they do not slide past each other to allow for all panels to bunch at one end. I wound up clipping off plastic nubs that prevented each panel from passing the other. .3
VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "

Let’s get lost in layers

With layer upon layer of different types of curtains, you can turn your window into a cozy and constantly changing scene. It’s beauty that also serves practical functions - the curtains can be drawn to and from as necessary to adjust the light, sound, temperature and privacy. Let these solutions guide you towards getting the weekday escapes you want.

Product development engineer Martin Bo Zhang has worked with curtain rails for more than a decade. He uses lots of gestures and body movements when he talks. Martin lifts both arms over his head like a ballerina. He's showing how hard it can be to keep a curtain rail in place while assembling it at the same time."There are 30-50 small screws," Martin says. He brings his thumb and forefinger together, leaving space for a grain of rice. "This small." He keeps one arm up and reaches toward the floor with his other arm. "If a screw falls on the floor, you can't find it," he explains, "and good luck if you have a high pile rug." So how did Martin, designer David Wahl and a team of many at IKEA figure out how to improve curtain rails? First, they researched what customers and co-workers said about curtain rails that had been returned. They had workshops with lots of IKEA colleagues, too. Then they started looking at anything and everything but curtains.

A concept that clicked

Buckles, belts and sports equipment—that's where David and the team got some unexpected ideas for VIDGA curtain rails. "By looking at solutions from different fields of products, you can get inspired to find new ways of solving problems," he explains. That's how the team came up with the concept for VIDGA to click together using as few tools as possible. And there aren't any rice-sized screws to lose. "You still put it together yourself," Martin says, lifting an arm into the air like he's holding a curtain rail against a wall. "But you don't need to spend an hour and a half with your arm like this." So now you know how customers and clicks helped improve curtain rails. That just leaves the robots.

Bring in the robots

Where are the robots, exactly? About an hour north of the IKEA home base in a town called Åseda with a population of roughly 2,500. A supplier there won the worldwide bid to produce VIDGA curtain rails, built a new factory and hired more than two dozen new employees. "Going from talking about the small things to being in the factory, looking at the conveyors going around the robots continuously working, is a mind-blowing experience," Martin says.

The team was able to automate production with the robots because they designed every piece of VIDGA from scratch. In fact, since nothing like VIDGA exists on the market, we're applying for a global patent for the whole system—a rare step for IKEA. Will you need to call in a high-tech robot to assemble VIDGA curtain rails for you? Nope. You'll just need a simple allen key. Sometimes a better everyday life starts with a click.

Three layers of temperature

Did you know you could adjust the temperature with curtains and blinds? A honeycomb structure of the HOPPVALS blind creates a layer of insulation, keeping your room warmer during the colder season and cooler in the warmer months.

Gently down the corner

A layered curtain solution allows you to fine-tune light, sound, temperature and style in a personal way. And, the amount of privacy or openness you want, is always just around the corner.

Just relax in layers

We all need a place to revitalize at the end of a long day, before the next morning. With three layers of light filtering and mood setting curtains and blinds, you can adjust your bedroom window to whatever you need.

Night shift

Need to catch up on some sleep? Change your bedroom from daylight to complete darkness with an inner layer of block-out blinds. A thick curtain on top brings soothing coziness and dampens sounds around you.

Because, it’s just safer

We believe children are the most important people in the world. Therefore, we adapted our range of blinds and curtains to make your windows as safe as possible. We spent four years coming up with alternatives, and where we couldn’t, we simply removed the product from our range. So now all IKEA blinds are completely safe for your kids. Goodbye cords, hello peace of mind.

How to measure your windows for curtains

Part of the secret to creating really beautiful, easy layered solutions is making sure your window is properly measured. 1. The width of your window (a) This determines the width of your curtain rod or track rail. Add at least 5¾" on each side to allow the curtains to cover the window properly and open completely. 2. The length of your curtains (b) This determines the length of your curtains or panel curtains. Measure from the top of the window frame and stop where you want your curtains or panel curtains to end. As a rule of thumb, add 5¾" to the measurement. Mount the curtain rod or rack rail 5¾" above the window frame.

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Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

”When mounting curtain rails myself, I’ve often thought about how it could be made simpler so when I got the chance to create VIDGA curtain rail system, I knew what I wanted to do. The new system needed to look good, and be as easy to understand as to mount with just a few tools. And I am very pleased with the outcome! I’m sure you’ll like the end result, when all your curtains or panel curtains are in place.”

VIDGA Designer thoughts

Triple curtain rail, white55 "

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VIDGA Triple curtain  rail, white, 55 "