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Kids tableware & dinnerware

Make mealtime fun for kids! Shop a fun place mat with drawings of fruit and vegetables having fun, Or kids plates that are BPA-free and very hard to break but very easy for children to use. Explore IKEA’s large selection of children’s dinnerware and kids tableware, including plates, bowls, utensils and more!

Plates for party times

You can liven up any celebration with the wonderful colors of KALAS children’s dinnerware. They’re also durable should the party get a little wild.

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A baby naming party table with a baby and parent, cake and yellow children’s dinnerware together with floral decorations.
A RESGODS bed tray stands on the floor holding a KALAS mug and two KALAS plates with food. A child sits behind it.
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Enjoy a family meal with our BPA-free kid’s flatware and tableware

When bringing the family together for dinner is the highlight of a busy day, make it easy for little ones to feel included and eat on their own. They’ll love the happy, kid-friendly design. Cutlery and cups are easy to hold, and dishware is easy to scoop from. Meanwhile, you’ll love the fact that it’s all BPA-free and easy to clean.

Set the table for snacktime or dinner with the fun colors of kids plates designed with edges that curve up so they’re easy to hold and for little ones to scoop food up with their utensils. Besides being impact and scratch resistant, IKEA kids plates and bowls are easily stackable so not only do they help children to eat on their own, they can also be used to start them off on helping with cleaning up. And tidying up gets much easier when you put down kids mats with colorful, fun illustrations to catch any wayward peas or spaghetti.

Starting your kids off on the journey to eating independently of course relies upon the right kids cutlery. Choose plastic flatware sets to start off younger kids and let them graduate to plastic and metal or all-metal utensils when the time is right.

Find stackable kids cups in fun colors that will match any kids table. The grip-friendly, impact resistant material will keep you from worrying about anything except spills.

For older kids who are ready to help in the kitchen, find kid’s cooking and baking accessories such as a child’s apron and a safety paring knife set designed without a point and with other safety features for any novice sous chef.

Frequently asked questions about kids kitchenware and tableware

When should my toddler start using flatware?

Starting off little ones with a spoon around age 1 as a training utensil is the general recommendation. Kids who excel earlier with finger foods and who show interest can be started on spoons earlier.

What is the safest flatware and dinnerware for my child?

Use impact resistant plastic plates and cups that remove the worry of accidents at the table. Let the youngest kids learn to be independent while eating with safe, plastic childrens utensils. It's also recommended to use plastic kids flatware and tableware that is free of harmful additives such as BPA.