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Plant stands

If you love plants, you'll love the freedom our plant stands give you to enjoy your plants anywhere in your home. A floor plant stand can help you add style and greenery to any room, as they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your space. Check out our plant stool stands, which can be multi-functional as you stack magazines or other home decor on the bottom shelf.

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Floor plant stands make foliage a focus

Plant stands aren’t only a decorative piece of furniture, but a highly functional one that respects your plants as permanent residents of your home. None of us are immune to how quickly clutter can accumulate left unchecked, but an important part of keeping it under control is ensuring everything in the home also has a home. You can’t put things away if they don’t have anywhere specific to go!

In addition to giving your plants that important dedicated space, floor plant stands also make greenery a very intentional style statement. Plants aren’t simply an accessory or afterthought, but a true part of the home that helps define its overall vibe. 

Plant stands for every room

Let’s explore how to incorporate plant stands into three areas of your home…

Get things cooking in the kitchen: Unless you’re lucky enough to have oodles of space in the kitchen, chances are good that every inch is regarded as premium real estate. Consider adding one of our plant stands with shelves, reserving the top shelf for fresh herbs you can include in your cooking, and the bottom shelf for storing extra pots, pans and bowls or cookbooks.

Create a spa-like bathroom oasis: When choosing plants for your bathroom, consider how much light they’ll receive and if they thrive in high humidity conditions. Popular options for bathrooms include tropical plants, eucalyptus and certain varieties of ferns and orchids. Once you’ve chosen a selection of potted plants, arrange them on the top shelf of a two-tier plant stand. The bottom shelf can be used for lightweight storage, including extra bathroom tissue, towels and toiletries. 

Beautify your balcony or porch: Our floor plant stands are crafted from a variety of materials, with some being designed for indoor use only and others having the flexibility to withstand the great outdoors. No matter how small or large your outdoor space, plant stands add aesthetic value for all to enjoy.